Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Does anyone have a clue anymore?

Do you know what is real?

Think about it for a moment.......

This administration has been caught paying journalists to write stories favorable to its incredibly stupid policies. We now know that they were leaking like madmen, to easily manipulated journalists, classified information. They were clearly putting electoral politics above national security.

The Pentagon has been caught in another payola scam in Iraq.

Let's face it; nothing we have been told is true!

How does that make you feel, guys and gals?

We used to have a saying back in the day, when there were demonstrations, protests, whatever: "The whole world is watching," we used to chant.

Well, now, the whole world is watching, still. Now, probably, more so than ever, the world watches.

The whole world is also laughing!

....and the truth shall set you free.

In Case you missed it....

Niles Latham, of Harper's magazine has called for the impeachment of Bush.

This is a big deal, methinks, as this is the first major publication that has seen fit to do so.

He makes the almost exact same argument that we have been making for months, maybe years.

There is a link to the article at Buzzflash.com

Our argument is simple and can be succintly put: It is our duty as a people, who have known freedom all our lives, to demand accountability of our leaders, because we elect them and pay them. We are their bosses, when the elections aren't tampered with, or decided by a 5 to 4 vote by the Supremes.

Demand accountability!

You not only have the right, but the responsibility to do so.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Junior and the Dick have some really bad poll numbers

The latest CBS poll has Junior at ony 34% approval, his lowest yet; Quick-draw Cheney has an approval rating of 18%.

How the hell did these guys ever get re-elected?

Oh, right, they didn't, did they?

Nevertheless, the polls show that Americans no longer trust Bush and Cheney in matters of foreign policy and national security. The amazing thing is that anyone ever did trust them, after 9/11 and all of the ridiculousness that followed in the immediate aftermath.

Osama is still free as a bird. Are you?

Mullah Omar is god knows where, and BushCo could not care less, apparently, but they seem awfully interested in what ordinary American might be saying or emailing. The Pentagon is spying on the Quakers and other groups whose menmbers are sworn to non-violence, unlike them. I mean, how much more riciculous does it have to get, people?

Saddam is being subjected to a circus of a trial in Iraq, right in the middle of a war zone, when he should be at the Hague, where all other big- time, global criminals go, if and when they are captured alive.

The Anthrax killer is still on the loose, we have to assume, since Ashcroft's attempted rail-roading of the one scientist was an obvious charade. What we do know should give us all pause. The particular strain of Anthrax came from our own lab, in Maryland. The Anthrax-laced missives were sent to Democrats, exclusively, even though they had not been in the majority since 1994. HUMmmmm. Kinda makes one wonder, does it not?

It is time for accountability!

....and the truth shall set you free.

These are the Times that try the human soul

How did it all come to this?

How, in the name of all that is sacred, did we allow it to come to this?

Who are we, Americans, anyway?

How low can we go before the masses awaken to the horror all around us; nightmares of our own making?

How long before we realize that there really can be no nationalism in this world of globalization? National pride is an illusion. Stop waving flags that are meaningless, and have been for some time.

There are no governments of the people, by the people and for the people anymore. Only governments of, by and for the corporate, money-sucking whores of Babylon, now exist. What is good for G.M.is no longer good for America, because America consists of its people, distressed and dispossed though they may be, at the moment.

Let's get real here, please!

Will this end in fascism or bloodshed in the streets of America? Is there any way this can come to a peaceful conclusion? If so, how?

The only legal tools available to us are impeachment and trial by the Senate. At least, those are the only ones I can think of.

Let us make a pledge, right here an now, that this horror of an administration will be the end of the GOP, unless they step up to the plate and put their country before their party.

I am not talking about what they say, but what they do. That is now the issue. No more whitewashes, no more BSing about this or that.

Hear ye, Hear ye, GOP, and Democratic politicians who are just Republican Lite:

It is time to say what you mean and mean what you say; further, I do not give a damn what you say, if you are not willing to act on what you say.

If our elected leaders cannot preserve our Constitutional Democracy, then the people must.

As the old saying goes, about what every parent has said, at one time or another, to kids who are misbehaving: Don't make us have to come up there!

Because if you do not do your god-danmned jobs, we will have to come up there and demand, in the strongest terms, that you do, and if we have to do that, there will be hell to pay. Count on it!

....and the truth shall set you free.