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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Will There Ever Be Accountability For The Bush Regime?

And that includes everyone who has helped them cover-up their crimes as well as those who are complicit in them.

How Many Other Crimes Have Been Covered Up?



This won't go away, but it says a whole lot for our military, doesn't it? They have really ruined their reputations along with this criminal Bush GOP regime. How many other people have been killed by their own military service members? We know that many Iraqi people have been killed for no reason other than they were just there in front of a US gun. Rather than pursue a killer, the military just covers it up, as if they don't owe this family a thing, and if he hadn't been so well known, would the US military have ever been questioned? How far up did those orders to cover up come from, I wonder? But US military can go to jail promptly for being against Bush's invasion, and for just speaking out. Now they are after the protesters, too. Talk about morality. When are these treasonous dictatorial actions going to be challenged?

Well, this cover up of a murder shouldn't be as strange a scenario as it sounds, since Bush is still occupying the Oval Office. He's responsible for close to A million deaths, thousands of wounded due to lies ... and we don't know anything yet, because this has been such a secretive Bush GOP administration ... and, that's another crime gone unattended.

Who in the hell do they think they are, this treasonous Bush regime? Someone should tell them in such a way that they will remember for a long, long time. Prosecution and justice would probably do just that.

AP: New details on Tillman's death - Yahoo! News

When the carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq is finally over, which will take some strong leadership, certainly not Republican, watch out for the lawsuits from all around the world. Which, brings to mind, that it could be the last thing that this Bush/Cheney GOP group want, is to be stuck with the aftermath of this crime scene that has been allowed to go on for six to seven years. It's becoming so bad, it's not like Bush to want to stick around. However, the world is not going to turn their backs and let this Bush GOP regime off the hook. And, that includes the American people, too.

That's why they need to be stopped. We have no idea what all they've done to this country. They have stripped US government bare. Robbed Americans blind, and haven't slowed down. Accountability, a word Bush has never heard.

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