Saturday, February 25, 2006

Even Buckley says it is over

William F. Buckley, in a long rambling article at the NRO, says that Iraq is lost and that in order to salvage anything, Junior must admit defeat.

Geeeze louise, we are screwed.

In order to do that, Junior would have to admit that he made a mistake, heaven forbid, but worse yet, he would have to admit that his father was right all along and that he has fallen into the very trap that his father avoided.

One more time, and this time in front of the entire world, Junior would have to admit that every time he tries to go Mano-mano with Poppy, he gets his ass kicked.

This Oedipus is history's worst failure. I doubt seriously that historians will ever spend as much time on this presidency as Psychiatrists and psychologists will.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Brownie Strikes Again!

Brownie is just not going to play the game, like all those before him. This man is definitely not shooting for a medal of freedom.

Guess we have all heard by now that the White House investigation of itself (what a concept), took a major dump on Brownie. Surprise, surprise, eh?

Well, Brownie had this to say to the preznit, if he is listening (not likely):

"...I told you so....

I raised the flag and told you that FEMA was becoming marginalized and would not be able to respond and, in fact, was on the path to failure."

Hey, Brownie, did it ever occur to you that that was the goal all along. FEMA is just another one of those evil entitlement programs. The wealthy have insurance and the wherewithall to escape rising waters. FEMA is mostly for the poor and marginally middle class. Let the DHS deal with them. They can pull in the Army, Navy, Marine corps and Blackwater Security company and, least we forget, KBR is building all those nice new detention centers just in case.....

....and the truth shall set you free.

Britain is our sure mirror these days

According to the Guardian, there are some mighty pissed off MPs in Jolly old England.

Apparently, there has been a new revelation that flys in the face of what they have bbeen told about the CIA renditions and British air space.

While Jack Straw and others have denied any knowledge on any such flights, the National Air-traffic Services confirmed yesterday that there have been around 200 in the past 5 years.

(Wait just a damn minute here; 5 years? The attacks on the U.S. are not 5 years old yet. When did the renditions actually start? What was the first date listed? The question isn't as dumb as it sounds when you are aware that the NSA extraordinary spying began long before 9/11. See Jason Leopold's report on this at, probably in the archives by now.)

Blair and the Brits have much more to worry about than good old lawless, Bushite America. There are not only huge political ramifications to this, but big legal ones as well. Unlike Lawless George, Blair signed on to the World Court as part of the EU. The world Court takes a dim view of war crimes.

....and the truth shall set you free.

We are all threatening National Security, again

Trish, over at Pensito, says she has heard it all now!

I can certainly understand why she would think so, but I doubt that any of us have heard it all. As long as the Bushites ar in power, that which we hear and see will continue to be amazingly jaw-dropping.

This bit of incredible stupidity comes from Gordon England, Deputy Dog to Rummy. Get this:

England told the Senate Armed Services Committee that blocking the deal with DPW could ostracize the U.S. from it's few remaining Arab allies. He said that those who speak out publicly against the ports deal are endangering out national security. (Does he really believe that the U.S. isn't already ostracized from the entire damn world, because of his bossman and Junior? How will our exercizing of our first amendment right to free speech endanger our national security? Are we being blackmailed or, more to the point, is Junior being blackmailed?)

But here is the real kicker; England says that we are aiding the enemy if we allow ourselves to become paranoid and distrustful. The terrorist want us to become isolationists.

Well, I say, fuck you, Gordon!

Good lord, man! The administration you work for has done everything in their power, short of engineering another "terrorist attack," to create paranoia and distrust in the American people, not to mention a real desire for vengeance in those who are prone to those types of feelings to begin with.

Now you want us all to not be paranoid and distrustful?

"Don't worry about security," said Junior. Since when? That is all we have heard for over 4 years now.

Every Two years we are treated to the basic GOP Campaign Slogan: WET YOUR PANTS AND VOTE FOR US (suckers)!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Bushites great and small:

Don't freaking tell me what to say or think!

Don't threaten me, either, with vague references to treason for saying what I think.

Don't tell me to watch what I say.

My loyalty is to this country and to the Constitution, not to any president, war-time or not, not to any administration, nor, least of all to any political party.

My faith is in my own mind, not George W. Bush or any of his gang of thugs. God gave me a brain, he expects me to use it. When I use it, it is more than obvious, that it is this administration that is not to be trusted with our national security, or taking out the garbage for that matter.

So, just shut the hell up!

....and the truth shall set you free.

Friday, February 24, 2006

When are we going to fry these creeps?

Check out the entire article at, but here is the short snarky version.

Two Bush administration officials who played an active role in the outing of Valerie Plame, have been busy getting rid of certain State Department officials who are WMD non-proliferation experts and known to have cooperated with the Fitzgerald investigation.

(Sidebar: Isn't that what their preznit and boss told them to do? I could have sworn I heard Junior say that.)

The names orf the Nazi, witch-hunters are,drum roll please: NeoCons, Frederick Fleitz and Robert Jospeh.

Of course, both men deny that there is any retribution going on. We say, if you believe that, stand on your eye-lashes.

Fleitz, a Bush appointee (natch), at the time of the leak, was doing double duty as a senior CIA Weapons Intelligence, non-proliferationand arms control official as well as chief of staff to GUESS WHO? Why, John Bolton, ofcourse, whom we have always known in our collective gut was involved in the Plame leak, one way or the other.

Fleitz, is also, according to insiders, the un-indentified CIA official mentioned in the Libby Indictment.

Joseph, now holds Bolton's old job at State, since Bolton became our illegitimate U.N. Ambassador and general embarrassment to the country.

These two creeps and Bolton provided info. on Plame to a number of people in Vice's office, including Libby and John Hannah, who all worked closely, with Karl Rove, during the month of June 2003, to smear Wilson.

Seems that they may have gotten their info from the infamous state department memo, which traveled with Powell to Africa ans was prepared for him by the State Department and given to him on the Sunday morning that Joe Wilson's Op-ed appeared in the NYT, causing Cheney to have a psychotic break, apparently, and Rove's head to almost explode with years of pent up rage at those damned Democrats (like Joe Wilson) who were mean to Dick Nixon.

But, what do you want to bet, that absolutely nothing will happen.

It is beginning to look like nothing is ever going to happen unless the people make it happen.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Kean says deal should have never happened

Former republican governor and chairman of the 9/11 Commission told AP by phone that the DPW deal should have never happened.

If Kean, who helped whitewash 9/11 for Junior and blame the CIA, says that the deal is bad news, then it is probably a nightmare waiting to happen.

Peter King, Rethug congressman from NY, said that this just proves that there was never a serious investigation of 9/11. Now I am not sure how this deal proves that. Nonetheless, we have known it all along, even before the Able Danger crew went public and made the entire Commission look like Jackases on Qualudes.

Kean says he thinks that the deal is dead. It is just a matter of how quickly Junior can get out of it and how much damage has been done.

Of course, he is talking about damage to the administration, not the country, which fits nicely with our original whitewash accusation.

....and the truth shall set you free.

ACLU realeased damning documents about Gitmo

The MoJo blog is reporting that the ACLU has released documents that are described as overwhelming evidence that political and military leaders endorsed interrogation methods that were abusive and illeagl, both according to domestic and international law.

"It is entirely unacceptable that no senior official has been held accountable," stated Jameel Jaffer, an attorney for the ACLU.

We could not agree more!

Likely targets for accountability:

Geoffery D. Miller, Major General and Asshole who was brought to Iraq to "Gitmoize" Abu Ghraib.

William J. Haynes II, General Counsel for the D.O.D.

And, of course, Rummy the Senile, who joked when told about the abusiveness and illegality of what was happening at Guantanamo, that he stood for 8 hours every day and did not consider it torture.

(Well, of course not, you idiot. If you choose to stand at you desk in your plush office at the Pentagon, it is not torture, just stupidity; a show of machismo no doubt, which is always stupidity.)

I am sure there are others who are just as responsible; like Vice and Bubble-boy, but we can start the accountability demands with these three.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but...

The Houston Chronicle is reposrting that a sheik from the UAE contributed over $1 million to the Bush Library Foundation at Texas A&M.

The donation was made in the early '90s. The list names Sheik Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan and the people of the UAE as one donor in the 1 million or more category.

I wonder; does that make him a Ranger on a Camel?

....and the truth shall set you free.

HEY, JUNIOR! You can't have it both ways

I really hate to write yet another post on the Dubai Ports World silliness, but I simply must.

This simple act may keep my head from exploding.

George Bush and company simply can't have it both ways.

They can't have Osama-in-the-box, popping up at all the right moments; like right before the 2004 elections and right when Junior was about to be hung on the Capital Lawn for wire-tapping Americans (probably members of congress, both parties, a number of reporter types and a whole bunch of activists, dissenters and other "Patchouli-stinking, hippie, traitor, pinko types.) AND slip through a deal with the UAE to manage 6 of our major ports.

Especially when that deal is described as not being important enough to rise to the level of the president.


Did I hear that right? (Why is it that every time a Republican is in the White House, I feel as though I am on something; like a bad batch of LSD?)

Pardon me!

A deal with the country where Osama and Mullah Omar laundered their money, even as our troops swept toward Kabul, did not rise to the level of the president? Didn't want to intrude on one of his biking outings, I assume, and with good reason. When anything rises to the level of the President, he gets that well known "My Pet Goat" expression on his face and it's all over, eh?

Does anmything rise to the level of the president, or is he so far out there that nothing reaches him? I mean, his V.P. shot someone in the face, but Junior was in the dark about it for hours. What is it with this White House management style?

Junior, you are the one who has used fear and the threat of terrorism for years now, against your own people. Your entire administration has done the same thing.

Now, we are all called paranoid and racist because we question whether or not you have lost your mind.

Hell, the GOP battle cry since the election of 2002 has been, "WET YOUR PANTS AND VOTE FOR US!" You would have us believe that you and your dim-witted administration are the only peoploe on earth that can keep us safe from those "swarthy Arab types." (God help us if that is the case!)

If the American people are paranoid, you have only yourselves to blame. I can't and won't blame you or your administration for American racism, but the Republican Party, including your owm administration sure haven't ever helped matters any.

From Nixon's "southern strategy" until this very day, there has always been a nastiness in this country when Republicans are in charge of it.

Your administration, Junior, has spent the past 4 years and counting demonizing Arabs and Muslims, in general, albeit in a very sneaky fashion. Nevertheless, it has worked.

It has worked so well, that you may have a wee bit of trouble carrying on your family's long-standing personal and business relationships with the Oil Royalty of the Arab Penninsula.

You simply cannot demonize an entire race of people and then decide that you want to turn our ports over to them. See how that works?

Junior, your first real job should definitely not have been leader of the free world!

....and the truth shall set you free.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What's really behind the Dubai/port security dust-up...

Could it be "free trade?"

Well, of course it can. Probably is, as a matter of fact.

Simple, really: there has been a two year push for a free trade pact with the UAE. Big money (of the corporate type) is for it. Therefore who can be against it. Certainly Junior cannot resist it.

At the end of 2004, Robert Zoellick, of all people and Bush's Trade Rep. was reportedly boasting of his trip to the UAE to begin negotiating the new trade accord.

A rejection of the port deal might well set back the trade pact, while getting the dealk through quickly and without much ado, may have the effect of greasing the wheels.

According to the Inter Press Service, the U.S. trade relationship with the UAE is the third largest in the middle east, with Israel and Saudi Arabia being 1 and 2. (Where the hell are the poorer countries like Egypt and Jordan? Never mind. With BusCo in charge, they are probably better off left out of it.)

Just last year, over objections of some in Congress, the free-traders in Congress and the Bushites pushed a loan to a Brittish company to help build nuclear technology in Communist China, thus keeping the U.S./China free trade relationship, which is allowing law-makers to get campaign contributions for allowing corporations to export American jobs to China.

All thee kinds of deals, it seems to me, come out of a mixture of the Right-wing's devoutly held desire to privatize all government services (including, apparently, the security of America's ports, in that famous post 9/11 world we hear about in damn near every administration speech), with the political establishment's desire to make sure that free trade orthodoxy supersedes eveything else in importance.

We might be seeing the fight of the century; the culture of corruption vs. National Security.

No matter who wins, it won't be the American people, that is for sure, because it is obvious to everyone with more than three neurons firing that corporations are calling the shots, in the U.S., yes, but everywhere else too.

"When things just don't make any logical, rational sense, look for the money."

Always good advice....

....and the truth shall set you free.

Bush's First Veto?

Bubble-boy has threatened to veto any legislation, like that Bill Frist has said he will introduce, that slows down a deal with DPW to operate 6 major American ports.

So, Bush's first veto would be for the purpose of allowing a company owned by the government of Dubai to manage U.S. ports.

Hummm...kinds makes you wonder, doesn't it. Did everything change after 9/11?

There is an article in the 2/17/02 edition of the WaPo that tracks the Taliban and Al Qaeda gold bars and dollars, to the tune of millions, from Afghanistan, through small villages in Pakistan to the port at Karachi and on to the UAE, where the dollars was then converted to gold bullion and scattered all over the world, we assume to sleeper cells and such.

By the way, wasn't the reason that Clinton did not give the order to take out Osama at one point when we knew exactly where he was, is that Osama was hanging out with at least one prince from the UAE, and Clinton didn't want to blow up the prince?

Wasn't Osama in the American Hospital in Dubai for kidney treatment, where he met with a man known to be CIA, in July of 2001, after Clinton had put a price in his head?

There is one things that 9/11 did not change; the Bushites close business ties with Arab Oil Royalty.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ALERT: A new book is out

Gag Rule - One the Supression of dissent and stiflind democracy.
by Lewis Latham

Latham was the Editor of Harper's mag for 30 years. This spring he is retiring as Editor Emeritus.

In the March issue of Harper's, Latham calls, in no uncertain terms, for the impeachment of George W. Bush. In so doing, he ends his call for justice, among othet things, with this statement (one which has been written on blogs, ours and everyone else's, in one for or another for as many as 3 years, now):

It is the business of Congress to prevent the President from doing more damage than he has already done; to the people, interests, health, well-eing, safety, good name and reputation of the U.S. - Congress must cauterize the wound....

Sounds like a good read..

Find more about this in Buzzer-land and you can order the book there as well, thus buying what seems to be a very interesting book and helping out Buzzflash at the same time. So, grab your cradit card (if you are still using one) and head on over to

...and the truth shall set you free.

Speaking of Libby

Fitz is saying that Libby is attempting to sabatoge the prosecution against him, by gray-mailing the Justice department. What a freakin' surprise!

Libby is charged with lying to a grand jury, federal investigators and now bunches of e-mails have gone missing from the auto-archive system at the White House, including Vice's office email. The emails that have disappeared were all written and sent during the time in question; May 2003 and early summer.

Shocking, I tell you, just shocking!

Gray-mailing, for those who don't know, is a legal strategy in which the defense asks for truckloads of classified information (like, in this case 200 some-odd, PDBs) The idea is to ask for classified documents that there is no way in hell any administration would turn over, then the defendant can say that there is no way he can get a fair trial, and ask the Judge to dismiss the case.

Libby has hired one John D. Cline, attorney and expert at gray-mail defenses of clients who are charged in national security related cases. Cline denies that he is using graymail, claiming that laws, now, make it harder to use that defense.

Yeah, right, and the moon is made of green cheese and pigs fly.

Come on Fitz; did you honestly believe that Libby and his Rethug Legal-funders would play fair? Getting off on a technicality has worked out well for people like Oliver North.

....and the truth shall set you free.

WNBC-Marist Poll has some interesting numbers

Seems that 60% of Americans are concerned about the Katrina fiasco, still. Good that we aren't losing that focus.

Around 50% are concerned about Domestic, warantless wiretaps. I imagine there are some poor saps out there who actually believe the spin, that King George is really only listening to Al Qaeda types.

If that were true, does anyone think that NSA analysts would be blowing whistles and losing their jobs to get the word out to the electorate?

No way!

If Junior's "program" was legitimate there is no way in hell these guys would be talking.

Less than a majority are concerned about Scooter Libby or the Abramoff scandal.

Damned if we can figure that one out.

Chalk it uo to the highly usccessful program of dumbing down America.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Enemies, Enemies, Enemies...everywhere they look.

William Rivers Pitt has more at Truthout on the governments efforts to protect Amurka from the enemy of the week. I wonder;is that anything like "Queen for a day?"

Anyhooo, guess who the dangerous enemy is this week; drum roll, please...... Bloggers.

Yep, that's right, Bloggers, and other swarthy cyber-activist types.

Apparently, the free expression of political opinion on the Net is really "wet-yourself" terrifying to the Bushites. So much so, that they decided to war game us last week.

Bloggers are potential terrorists now. Did you all know that?

Bloggers are the enemy!

I guess that since Osama bin Forgotten can't be mentioned in public very often, since the mention of his name reminds ADHD Americans of un-kept promises and major screw ups by the Bushites (Wanted: Dead or Alive; The people who did this are going to hear from us; Can anyone spell Tora Bora?), the definition of "enemy" changes like a traffic light.

God, what a bunch of nancy-boys are running this country. They are afraid of bloggers? Damn, no wonder they don't want to come within a thousand miles of bin Laden.

If the Bushites wet their pannts about bloggers, they really should all stay in their hidey holes, and let someone else govern.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Even Kansans are questioning Pat Robert's credibility

...and it's about time too, I say.

This from a Kansaa news outlet,

"It's troubling that Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is fast gaining a reputation for being a reliable, partisan, Bush apologist on serious matters such as Intelloigence and overseas controversies."

Well, no shit, Sherlock. Roberts has been the go-to-guy-for Senatorial cover-up help since 9/11. Where have you guys been? Living under a rock?

If anyone should be tried for obstruction of Justice it is Pat Roberts, of Kansas.

Whatever it is that Roberts says he is doing, it could be in no way considered over-sight of anything other than Bush's ass.

Meanwhile, GOP governors and others are throwing hissy fits, left and right, about Bush's new idea of turning 6 of our largest ports over to a state run compamny out of Dubai, Dubai Ports World (DPW).

Hey, didn't everything change after 9/11? Apparently everything except the Bushites close ties with Arab Oil Sheiks and princes.

This time two Bush cronies have interesting connections to the Dubai deal; John Snow, Sec. of the Treasury, the agency that signed off on the $6.8 billion deal, and David Sanborn, who runs DPWs European and Latin American operations, and who was tapped last month to head up the U.S. Maritime administration.

Well, do tell...Snow was evidently involved in the sale of the an English Company to DPW. He was also the chairman of CSX Rail, and sold that companies own international ports to DPW for $1.58 billion.

Chuck Schumer says that the more one looks at this deal the more is called into question. Really, Chuck?

Good lord, everything the Bushites have done has called "more into question," but either the questions are never asked, or they are asked and never answered.

....and the truth shall set you free.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Out of America

Looking for a new perspective.....

Tired of the News....

It always goes something like this:

Bushites get caught breaking the law (constitutional or international, it matters not; they have broken them all) Then, there is a firestrom on the net, followed, sometimes, by a firestorm in the MSM. Democrats howl, some Republicans join them (as in the latest bruhaha over domestic spying), only to be followed by a cover-up of some kind and it all goes away.

How many times has it happened now?

Of course, it all began with election 2000, which the Bushies lost, both by the popular vote and the electoral vote. Bush and Cheney were selected by the Supremes and that was that.

By the time it became clear that the 2000 election had been given to the wrong guy, 9/11 had happened, so no one cared.

Speaking of 9/11; no one wants to admit the truth about that horrendous day. Suffice it to say; BushCo did all in their power to block any real investigation into how 9/11 happened.

When it became obvious that an investigation was inevitable thanks to the Jersey Girls and others throwing a hissy fit, Bush appointed Kissinger to head up an "independent" investigation. That should have been everyopne's first clue that the Bushites had plenty to hide and they intended to hide as much of it as they could.

Kissinger decided not to take the appointment, due to conflict of interest (understatement of the year), so Thomas Keane and Lee (whitewash) Hamilton took over.

After reading the 9/11 Commission report and seeing all that has come to light since, it is obvious to me that the Bushites were, at aleast, criminally negligent, if not complicit in the events of 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks that followed.

Whatever happened to the Anthrax investagation, anyway?

Does anyone care?

It has always seemed odd to me that the only people on capital hill who received the deadly missives were Democrats, especially since they were not in power and had not been since 1994.

At any rate, after John Ashcroft tried to railroad one scientist and was forced to back off, we have heard little about it.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Anthrax letter person and Osama bin Laden are still free as birds, but we aren't. With every day that passes, more constitutional rights are disappearing or are being limited.

After allowing Osama to escape at Tora Bora (so much for wanted dead or alive) Bush and Cheney turned their attention to Iraq. Actaully that is where their attention was all along, even before 9/11 or the election of 2000. Afghanistan and bin Laden were not all that important, in the BushCo grand scheme of things.

They were busy diverting funds that Congress had alotted for Afghanistan and the search for bin Laden to the pending war on Iraq long before Congress was even approached about a war resolution.

A hellish nightmare was to follow:

We were lied to and, most of us, decieved into a war of choice (a polite term for the "mother of all war crimes"; a war of aggression). What's worse, the lies of choice involved unconscionable fear-mongering; smoking guns in the form of a mushroom clouds rising over American cities, the eastern seaboard of the U.S. being sprayed with small pox or some other deadly substance, bio or chemical, with about 45 minutes warning time.

Then there was the lie about Osama and Saddam being bossom buddies.

Somehow, a vast majority of Americans were left with the idea that Saddam had something to do with 9/11. I guess if you say Saddam and 9/11 in the same breath enough times, people will believe it.

Unfortunately, many of the people who believed it were about to be sent to Iraq, where their mission would seem to them to be one of vengeance, not liberation. But then, back in those days, we heard nothing about the invasion and occupation of Iraq being a mission of liberation. It was all about WMD and Saddam being in cahoots with Osama, a ridiculous premise to anyone who had bothered to read anything about Islam, Osama or Saddam.

Of course, as we now know, there were no WMD, nor was there any wroking relationship between Saddam and Osama. As a matter of fact, there was more of a working relationship between Reagan/Bush and Saddam than there ever would be between Saddam and Osama.

NO WMD! This fact was hidden from the American people for as long as possible and, when it was finally revelaed, nothing happend to the liars.

Nothing ever happens to the liars. This is the chief reason that I, for one, am sick of it all!

The truth finally comes out about this or that crime and nothing happens.

The Rethugs is Congress (Pat Roberts of Kansas being a prime example) help BushCo avoid even the slightest consequences.

After we realize we have been lied to forty ways from Sunday, about the excuse for war, we are horrified to learn that our people have been busy torturing, humiliating and, at times, murdering the very people that we have been told we are liberating.

Again, nothing happens!

A few low ranking soldiers are punished, but no one among the policy makers, who are responsible, have to step down or anything like that. The few who do step down, of their own accord, are given medals of freedom, by Bush.

That certainly sends a good message to the people we are supposedly liberating, now doesn't it?.

More on the accomplishments of George W. Bush and fellow thugs later:

....and the truth shall set you free.