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Did Bush Lie to Fitzgerald?

"Lewis Libby's testimony identifying George W. Bush as the top official who authorized the leaking of intelligence about Iraq's alleged nuclear weapons program raises two key questions: What did the President tell the special prosecutor about this issue in 2004 and what is Bush�s legal status in the federal criminal probe?

Bush's legal danger came into clearer focus with the release of a court document citing testimony from Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff who claimed that Bush approved the selective release of intelligence in July 2003 to counter growing complaints that Bush had hyped evidence on Iraq's pursuit of enriched uranium.

Libby, who is facing a five-count federal indictment, testified that he was told by Cheney that Bush had approved a plan in which Libby would tell a specific New York Times reporter about the CIA's secret analysis, according to a court filing by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald dated April 5.
'Defendant's (Libby's) participation in a critical conversation with Judith Miller on July 8 (2003) occurred only after the Vice President advised defendant that the President specifically had authorized defendant to disclose certain information in the NIE,' the highly classified National Intelligence Estimate, the filing said."

Nazis planned Holocaust for Palestine: historians - Yahoo! News

Why are we not surprised?

Nazis planned Holocaust for Palestine: historians - Yahoo! News:

"BERLIN (Reuters) - Nazi Germany planned to expand the extermination of Jews beyond the borders of Europe and into British-controlled Palestine during World War Two, two German historians say. "

Antiwar movment...disorganized

That is how it must be. No more permitted demonstrations, because they are stupid, when dealing with the likes the Bushites

"04/07/06 -- Being a so-called anti-war movement leader (at least to the MSM), brings much responsibility and so much love for the people and the groups who are working hard to end this insane occupation, but is this enough?
Recently, a blog written by an aquaintance, Scott Ritter, on AlterNet was called to my attention, where Scott, who is a self-proclaimed Republican, conservative who courageously opposed this war from the beginning, is predicting the eminent demise of the anti-war movement.
At first, I was highly offended and defensive at what I thought was Scott's arrogant attack on the movement that I am so intimately and overwhelmingly involved in. But then after my knee-jerk reaction, I realized that for all of the wrong reasons, Scott was partially correct.

The anti-war movement is not on the 'verge of collapse' because we are not organized, or because we don't take a 'warriors' view of attacking the neocons and the war machine using the tactics of Napoleon, or Sun Tzu�but because the two-thirds of Americans who philosophically agree that the war is wrong, BushCo lied, and the troops should come home, will not get off of their collective, complacent, and comfortable behinds to demonstrate their dissent with our government. Some, like Casey and almost 2400 other Americans and their families give all, while some, like the people of Iraq, have everything stolen from them by unlawful war; some, like myself, give a lot; some give some, by writing letters, attending an occasional vigil or march; but the majority of Americans give nothing, except an occasional vote, which we all know counts practically for nothing with our electoral process being so corrupted and almost rendered meaningless by paperless voting machine, no instant run-offs, and exploitation of the religious right by such contrived is"

Belligerent Until the Bitter End

Belligerent Until the Bitter End:

"04/07/06 'Baltimore Chronicle' -- -- The Bush regime currently has wars underway in Afghanistan and in Iraq and can bring neither to a conclusion. Undeterred by these failures, the Bush regime gives every indication that it intends to start a war with Iran, a country that is capable of responding to US aggression over a broader front than the Sunni resistance has mounted in Iraq.

The US lacks sufficient conventional capability to prevail in such widespread conflict. The US also lacks the financial resources. Iraq alone has already cost several hundred billion borrowed dollars, with experts' estimates putting the ultimate cost in excess of one trillion dollars.

Moreover, the Bush regime's belligerent foreign policy extends to regions beyond the Middle East. The Bush regime has recently declared election outcomes in former Soviet republics as 'unacceptable.'

The Bush regime with the support of both political parties preaches democracy to the world while ignoring it at home. Polls show that Americans are opposed to open borders and amnesties for illegals. But a government willing to dictate to the world is willing to dictate to its own citizens. The 'unacceptable' outcomes are those that do not empower parties aligned with the US and NATO. Russians view the Bush regime's 'democracy programs' for Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus as an effort to push Russia northward and deprive it of warm water ports.

Russian leaders speak of the 'messianism of American foreign policy' leading to a new cold war."

Cold, hell! This one is going to be about as hot as it gets!

Crazy Curt and the Moonies; we are not kidding

Swing State Project: PA-07: Cook Report: "Weldon More Vulnerable Than Ever This Year":

"Amy Walter, Senior Editor for House races at the Cook Political Report, writes about PA-07 in her column today, titled 'New Races On The Radar.' It's subscription-only, so I'll just quote a few excerpts - but you're gonna like what she has to say. This is the theme of her piece:"

Intelligence leak timeline under scrutiny

Monterey County Herald 04/08/2006 Intelligence leak timeline under scrutiny:

"WASHINGTON - The White House faced a barrage of questions Friday over the timing of President Bush's decision to declassify intelligence that was then leaked to the press by Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff.

In a tense briefing, White House spokesman Scott McClellan was asked repeatedly to explain his statement from three years ago that portions of a prewar intelligence document on Iraq were declassified on July 18, 2003.
Ten days earlier, Cheney's top aide, I. Lewis Libby, had leaked snippets of intelligence from the document to New York Times reporter Judith Miller to rebut allegations by Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson, Libby told prosecutors, according to documents revealed this week.
Libby, Cheney's former chief of staff, said he had passed the information to Miller after being told to do so by Cheney, who advised Libby that Bush had authorized it, said a court filing by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald.

McClellan told reporters July 18, 2003, that the material being released on Iraq ''was officially declassified today.'' On Friday, McClellan interpreted his words to mean that is when the material was ''officially released.''
Asked when it was declassified, McClellan refused to answer, saying the matter was part of Fitzgerald's ongoing CIA leak probe that resulted in Libby's indictment.

Libby faces charges of perjury, obstruction and lying to the FBI regarding the disclosure that Valerie Plame, Wilson's wife, worked for the CIA. He is accused of making false statements about how he learned of her CIA employment and what he told reporters about her."

Fascims Alert, again

Local Teacher's Run-In With Homeland Security Creates Insecurities - Yahoo! News:

"A local school employee said a rough run-in with a couple of Homeland Security officers has left him with a strong sense of insecurity.

Leander Pickett, a teacher's assistant at Englewood Elementary, said he was manhandled and handcuffed by two plain clothed Homeland Security officers in front of the school Tuesday for no reason at all.

'I would like to treat people the way I would want to be treated, and yesterday I wasn't treated that way,' Pickett said.

Pickett has been working at Englewood for two years, and his principal and colleagues told Channel 4 they have never met a harder worker or nicer guy.

'He's well loved by everyone because he's willing to do anything to help children,' said the Englewood Elementary Principal Gail Brinson.

However, Tuesday afternoon Pickett's niceness turned to anger, disappointment, and betrayal when, as Pickett was directing bus traffic, he said he was handcuffed and roughed up and humiliated by the very people that were supposed to protect him."

Is Iraq worth it?

Only to the war profiteers.

Who the hell gave Bush permission to turn Iraq into a killing field; a free fire zone?

Certainly not I. Certainly not millions who protested this war.

We were right. They were wrong!

When will they admit it and stop this ridiculous, not to mention criminal, enterprise.?

Are we, the people, ready to act?

Is Iraq worth it? - Los Angeles Times:

"PRESIDENT BUSH has recently argued that 'the fundamental question is, can we win in Iraq?' But for many Americans, the question has become: 'Is it worth it to win?'"

Investigation continues

Investigation continues:

"(Updated) Two weeks after a Defense Information Systems Agency official was arrested on a charge of child pornography, the U.S. Attorney's office handling the case dropped the charge. But a spokeswoman in the U.S. Attorney's Office said the investigation is continuing.

'This is an ongoing investigation, so we don't have any comments,' the spokeswoman said.

Charles Lynch, director of DISA's IP version 6 transition program, was arrested March 8 and indicted in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia the next day on one count of possessing child pornography.

According to a statement by the DOD Inspector General�s Office, court documents alleged that Lynch had been operating a peer-to-peer file-sharing program on a computer in his office at DISA. Agents confiscated several computers and more than 1,000 CDs from Lynch�s office.

Lynch, 44, is on leave without pay from DISA.

The investigation is being conducted by the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the FBI and the DISA OIG. Joseph McMillan, special agent in charge of the DCIS Mid-Atlantic Field Office, would not elaborate on why the charge was dismissed. 'It's our policy neither to deny nor confirm the existence of an ongoing criminal investigation,' McMillan said. "

The CIA and Human Rights: Amnesty Throws Dim Light on�Black Sites - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

A Must Read:

The CIA and Human Rights: Amnesty Throws Dim Light on�Black Sites - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News:

"A new Amnesty International report provides further evidence of the existence of secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe. Three prisoners told the human rights group that they had been held at US 'black sites' in the region."

-Guantanamo defendant calls tribunals a sham

Reuters AlertNet - RPT-Guantanamo defendant calls tribunals a sham:

"GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba, April 6 (Reuters) - An Ethiopian prisoner called his Guantanamo war crimes tribunal a con on Thursday and said that after four years of interrogations, the U.S. military had not even managed to learn the correct spelling of his name.

The defendant, a 27-year-old British resident, is identified in the charge documents as Binyam Muhammad but he said his surname is Mohammad. He is accused of conspiring with al Qaeda to commit war crimes, including plotting to set off a radioactive bomb, and would face life in prison if convicted.
There is no uniform system of transliteration of Arabic names into English, and so either Muhammad or Mohammad could be correct.

Mohammad, as he said he prefers to be called, has proclaimed his innocence and has stated in court documents that he made false confessions after being extrajudicially transferred to a Moroccan prison where he was beaten, strung up by his arms and cut on the chest and penis with scalpels.

'This is four years of interrogation, highly intensive ... torture, and you still don't have the right name,' he told the tribunal's presiding officer, Marine Col. Ralph Kohlmann. 'The man you are looking for is not here.'"

Libby Prosecutor Outlines Effort At High Levels - Libby Prosecutor Outlines Effort At High Levels:

"WASHINGTON -- The special prosecutor trying the case against former vice presidential chief of staff I. Lewis Libby will try to show that the leaking of a CIA agent's name grew out of a highly organized administration effort that commanded high-level attention, a court filing this week shows.

Pretrial filings by Mr. Libby's defense team indicate they intend to argue that any misstatements made in Mr. Libby's testimony to investigators and a grand jury were innocent mistakes because of his focus on more pressing national-security issues. They are seeking a wide array of classified and sensitive information they say is necessary for trial, including secret daily intelligence briefings given to the president.

This week's filing by Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, was intended to convince the judge to deny the defense's latest request for information. In doing so, the prosecutor also attacked Mr. Libby's bad-memory defense by introducing new information about the attention -- including by President Bush -- placed on responding to Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador and critic of the Iraq war.
Lawyers say in a high-profile legal battle like this, where the judge already has warned both sides not to try their case in public, pretrial motions become a critical element in the public-relations campaign."

FBI probes damage to Florida nuclear power plant - Yahoo! News

When will the Americans peoplee get it? The Bushites aren't expecting anoher terrorist attack, unless we need one to stir up fear and vengeance among the people

FBI probes damage to Florida nuclear power plant - Yahoo! News

Doctor alleges Halliburton-supplied water linked to infections Doctor alleges Halliburton-supplied water linked to infections:

"WASHINGTON - A U.S. Army doctor serving in Iraq has linked a small outbreak of bacterial infections among U.S. troops to allegedly contaminated water supplied by Houston-based Halliburton Co.

In the latest broadside against Halliburton and its performance in Iraq, Senate Democrats produced an e-mail Friday from Capt. A. Michelle Callahan, a family physician serving at Qayyarah Airfield West, recounting how she treated six infections over a two-week period in January, at the same time she was noticing the water in base showers was cloudy and foul-smelling."

Long Live Socialism!

The Danger of Hugo Ch�vez's Successful Socialism:

by Ted Rall
The Danger of Hugo Ch�vez's Successful Socialism
by Ted Rall

When the hated despots of nations like Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan loot their countries' treasuries, transfer their oil wealth to personal Swiss bank accounts and use the rest to finance (in the House of Saud's case) terrorist extremists, American politicians praise them as trusted friends and allies. But when a democratically elected populist president uses Venezuela's oil profits to lift poor people out of poverty, they accuse him of pandering.

As the United States and Europe continue their shift toward a Darwinomic model where rapacious corporations accrue bigger and bigger profits while workers become poorer and poorer, that socialist economic model espoused by President Hugo Chavez has become wildly popular among Latin Americans tired of watching corrupt right-wing leaders enrich themselves at their expense. Left-of-center governments have recently won power in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Chavez's uncompromising rhetoric matches his politics, but what's really driving the American government and its corporate masters crazy is that he has the cash to back it up.

In their desperate frenzy to destroy Chavez, state-controlled media is resorting to some of the most transparently and hilariously hypocritical talking points ever. In the April 4th New York Times Juan Forero repeated the trope that Chavez's use of oil revenues is unfair--even cheating somehow: 'With Venezuela's oil revenues rising 32 percent last year,' the paper exclaimed, 'Mr. Chavez has been subsidizing samba parades in Brazil, eye surgery for poor Mexicans and even heating fuel for poor families from Maine to the Bronx to Philadelphia."

Plenty of opportunities to impeach Bush

MoJo Blog: Plenty of opportunities to impeach Bush:

"The United States of America has undergone three impeachment proceedings. In 1868, President Andrew Johnson was impeached because he removed Secretary of War Edwin Stanton from his position, which was a violation of the Tenure of Office Act. He was not convicted, and Kansas Senator Edmond G. Ross, who cast the vote that saved the president, is profiled in John F. Kennedy's Profiles In Courage. In 1974, President Richard M. Nixon was impeached because of the Watergate break-iin coverup, but he resigned from office before the proceedings could go forth. And in 1998-99, President Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair he had with an intern. Clinton, of course, was not convicted.

In each case, impeachment proceedings were begun because of the perception that the president had violated a law. Patiot Daily points out that Congress may ratify Bush's illegal spying with new FISA legislation so that his actions will be deemed legal and he cannot be impeached for having committed them. "

What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running the World

A Must Read:
BuzzFlash Review: What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running the World:

As we have said time and time again, the politicians are only the middle-men. It is the corporate high hoohas and grand poobahs who need to feel the wrath of the world's people.

I say, sooner rather than later.

Ari Emanuel: Ari's Confusion of the Day: Fuel for Thought | The Huffington Post

The Blog Ari Emanuel: Ari's Confusion of the Day: Fuel for Thought The Huffington Post:

"I'm confused. Back in 2004, the president rejected the idea of raising taxes on gasoline to help fund highway projects, predicting that higher gas prices 'would be damaging to the economy.' But the price of gas has soared from $1.47 a gallon when Bush took office to $2.59 a gallon today -- and the economy is doing rather well."

Remembering the look, the sound, the grit of a revolution

Remembering the look, the sound, the grit of a revolution:

"Black Panther Rank and File' at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts celebrates the founding of the Black Panther Party 40 years ago.

Reading or listening to the rhetoric of the '60s Panthers can make a visitor cringe. Not merely because it sounds dated or naive, though some of it does, but because today we so seldom hear in public speech the plain-spoken anger over injustice that it voices.

A poster among the ephemera on view demands 'land, bread, housing, clothing, education, justice and peace,' any one of which sounds utopian under the present regime of tumescent militarism and merciless social policy.

The course of events embarrassed the Panthers' identification with revolutionary programs, from Che Guevara's to Mao's, that resulted more in social calamity than in liberation. The literal militancy of the Black Panthers also seems dated. It certainly dramatized the fear of selective police brutality under which African Americans lived, and to which some can still testify, but it may also have cost some of the Panthers their lives. A large map of Oakland by Jeff Hull at Yerba Buena marks the locations of violent confrontations between Panthers and police. "

Wi-Fi plan stirs Big Brother concerns / Log-on rule would allow Google to track users' whereabouts in S.F.

Wi-Fi plan stirs Big Brother concerns / Log-on rule would allow Google to track users' whereabouts in S.F.:

"Privacy advocates are raising concerns about Google Inc.'s plans to cover San Francisco with free wireless Internet access, calling the company's proposal to track users' locations a potential gold mine of information for law enforcement and private litigators.

The Mountain View search engine intends to use the geographic data to match users with advertising so that they would see marketing messages from neighborhood businesses such as pizza parlors, cafes and book stores.
Google plans to use technology that would allow it to track users' whereabouts within a few hundred feet. The company said in its bid that it would retain the data for up to 180 days before deleting it, as part of an effort to 'maintain the Google Wi-Fi network and deliver the best possible service.' "

The Government's Nose Under the Search Engine's Tent | The Huffington Post

Whatever hope we have of peace in our time rests with the Net. If they interfere with the Net they will have a bloody revoluton on their hands and it won't be in Iraq, Iran or Syria.

Ready to get hit, Communication Giants? Better think long and hard about this one.

The Blog Robert Scheer: The Government's Nose Under the Search Engine's Tent The Huffington Post:

"In case someone in the Justice Department is reading this, let me hasten to explain why I just clicked on the Victoria's Secret online catalog photo featuring a certain 'Very Sexy Lace & Mesh Garter Belt.' AOL made me do it.

Yes, the very same AOL which, like Yahoo and MSN, but not Google, has readily agreed to let you government snoops scrutinize the search words and results from their online search engine data archives."

Dream On, Condi.

Please, God, no! Do not allow hs woman to dream, as her dreams are our nightmares; they are the dreams of her "husband," Der Monkey.

The Blog Robert Scheer: Dream On, Condi The Huffington Post:

"Condoleezza Rice is someone I knew to be a very bright scholar when we were both fellows in Stanford University's arms-control seminar. Yes, we differed on occasion, but I never had cause to doubt her ability to reason. Now, I do.
Confronted by ABC's George Stephanopoulos with the news that fiery Moqtada al-Sadr, whose Mahdi militia has twice engaged in fierce armed conflict with U.S. troops since the 2003 invasion, was the kingmaker in the selection of Iraq's next prime minister, Rice replied sanguinely, 'Iraq is a complex place, there's a lot of voices.'"

Delay the martyr; more

The Blog Robert Scheer The Huffington Post:

"Blame it on the vast anti-Christian conspiracy. That was the explanation offered by U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas and his supporters last week for the whirlpool of legal difficulties that finally led the ex-leader of the Republicans in Congress... "

We Delude, You Decide

We Delude, You Decide By Mickey�Kaus:

"Specter of Defeat? Sen. Arlen Specter explained the apparent collapse of the vaunted 'breakthrough' Senate deal on immigration:

'It's not gone forward because there's a political advantage for Democrats not to have an immigration bill,' said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa.
He said Democrats perceive a benefit in having only a GOP-written House bill that criminalizes being an illegal immigrant. That bill has prompted massive protests across the country, including a march by 500,000 people in Los Angeles last month. [Emph added]

Is Specter right? Or has he been reading too much of the MSM's recent pro-protest coverage? The most recent Rasmussen robo-poll on immigration suggests the latter. It asked people to choose between two hypothetical candidates:"

Imagining the Unimaginable

The Blog Hooman Majd: Imagining the Unimaginable The Huffington Post: Full artcile

"Imagining the unimaginable: America slept (or shopped) through the unimaginable Bush administration lies that took us to Iraq. We slept and shopped successively through Guantanamo, the horrors of Abu Ghraib, rendition, illegal detentions, the Valerie Plame leak, and most recently illegal wiretaps on U.S. citizens. We're sleeping and shopping through administration claims that Iran is building weapons of mass destruction, the preposterous claim that Iran is supplying their Sunni arch-enemies al Qaeda with arms and bombs, that Iran is the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism, and that Iran, if allowed the technology to manufacture nuclear fuel, will not only make nuclear weapons but use them against us or our allies (or just hand them over to terrorists who will). No proof required, and hey, there's a sale on at Saks!"

Lies, Lies, Damnable Lies!

We allowed them to bomb, invade and occupy Iraq, based on out-right lies.

Are we going to allow this, without so much as a peep.

Millions of us resisted the war because the Bush rhetoric made no sense, while many of our fellow countrymen waved the flag and consumed all the deception and fear-mongering the Bushites could dish-out.

It is time, fellow Americans, to do whatever it damn well takes to stop these delusional people, before they totally destroy our mother, the Earth.

The Dark Treasonous Dynasty

The Blog Tony Hendra: The Bushes: A Hereditary Trait For Treason? Surely Not! The Huffington Post:

"Three case studies:
Prescott Bush (Senator (R) Conn. 1952-1963)
Like many US and UK bankers, Prescott Sheldon Bush, patriarch of the Bush clan, and partner in Brown Brothers Harriman, self-described as 'the world's largest private bank', grew rich in the 1930s, profiteering from Hitler's rise. His closest contact inside the Nazi war-machine was one Fritz Thyssen director (and scion) of a coal-and-steel empire central to the rearmament of Germany."

Wass' article is still huge news.

" 'Before this point gets lost in the din of the latest leak disclosures, it needs to be said, as loudly as possible, that the big story has yet to be told, and in that regard, Murray Waas's previous scoop about Karl Rove is even more important -- and more deserving of mainstream media attention -- in light of the new revelations. In that piece, Waas reported that a classified one-page summary of the now-notorious National Intelligence Estimate was given to Bush, which says that some intelligence officials had serious doubts about the claim that Saddam wanted aluminum tubes for nukes -- and that Bush was given this summary before repeating the tubes claim in his speech...

Oh God! Here we go again, Nukes and all!

Can anyone save us and our soul's from these bastards?

Read it and weep

US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran - Yahoo! News:

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - The administration of President George W. Bush is planning a massive bombing campaign against Iran, including use of bunker-buster nuclear bombs to destroy a key Iranian suspected nuclear weapons facility, The New Yorker magazine has reported in its April 17 issue. "

Unitary Executive; Wake Up, People

"This theory, taken to its logical conclusions, gives the President the ability to treat anyone living in the United States, including particularly U.S. citizens, as wartime enemies without having to prove their disloyalty to anyone outside the executive branch. In so doing, it offers him what can only be called dictatorial powers-- that is, the power to suspend ordinary civil liberties protections on his say so. The limits on what the President may do under this theory are entirely political-- the question is whether the American people will stand for what the President has done if they discover what he has done in their name. But if the American people don't know what their executive is doing, they can hardly be in a position to object. And so the President has tried to keep secret exactly what he has done under the unreasonable and overreaching theory of Presidential power that his Administration has repeatedly asserted in its legal briefs and public statements.

Attorney General Gonzales' latest admission should hardly surprise us once we understand how much power the President actually thinks he has. Given that we will probably never know what the President has been doing in our name, we can only hope that he has not actually tried to exercise all the power he (wrongfully) thinks he possesses."

The American Inquisition

God help us all! Guide us in the way of Peace.

Christ help us all! Protect us from "your" misguided followers, before they kill our Father's creation and companion; the earth and all its creatures.

Spirit of all that is and ever will be, inspire us to right thought and action.

A prayer by:
The brothers and sisters of AWWC

Guardian Unlimited Special reports Are US campuses in the grip of a witch-hunt of progressives asks Gary Younge:

"University professors denounced for anti-Americanism; schoolteachers suspended for their politics; students encouraged to report on their tutors. Are US campuses in the grip of a witch-hunt of progressives, or is academic life just too liberal? By Gary Younge

Tuesday April 4, 2006
The Guardian "

Ron Paul on the coming attack on Iran

This speech is a must hear/read. Ron Paul tells the truth; tis a breath of fresh air and terrifying at the same time.

Ron Paul is an American hero

Both audio and transcipt:
Iran: The Next Neocon Target:

Before the U.S. House of Representatives - April 5, 2006

Iran's history is being ignored, just as we ignored Iraq's history. This ignorance or deliberate misrepresentation of our recent relationship to Iraq and Iran is required to generate the fervor needed to attack once again a country that poses no threat to us. "

Kerry To Bush: Tell the truth....

Kerry Sharply Criticizes Bush on Several Fronts - New York Times:

"Tell the truth. Fire the incompetents. Find Osama bin Laden and secure our ports and our homeland. Bring our troops home from Iraq. Obey the law and protect our civil rights,' Mr. Kerry said in ticking off his list, which also included supporting health care, education, lobbying reform and alternatives to oil, as well as reducing the deficit."

Moussaoui judge complains at government secrecy - Yahoo! News

Pardon me, Your Honor, but our freedoms have already been impaired. Read the Patriot Act?

Moussaoui judge complains at government secrecy - Yahoo! News:

"ALEXANDRIA, United States (AFP) - The judge trying the Zacarias Moussaoui death penalty case warned that pervasive US government secrecy risked impairing America's core freedoms."

Pentagon still years from having books in order - Yahoo! News

Pentagon still years from having books in order - Yahoo! News:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Defense Department's finances may not be able to meet normal accounting standards for several more years, possibly not until after President George W. Bush leaves office, a Pentagon official said on Friday. "

How about if Bush leaves office tomorrow? Would that make a difference?

Mayor: City would ignore legislation if it were to pass -

San Francisco seems a bit weary of nutters in D.C.. Aren't we all?

Mayor: City would ignore legislation if it were to pass -

"SAN FRANCISCO - Mayor Gavin Newsom said Thursday that The City will not comply with any federal legislation that criminalizes efforts to help illegal immigrants.

The mayor also denounced a bipartisan congressional proposal that would beef up border security and allow as many as 12 million illegal immigrants to gain legal status.
Newsom, who has not been afraid to wade into controversial national issues such as gay marriage, appeared with a group of elected officials on the steps of City Hall to support immigrants, documented as well as undocumented. Newsom also signed a resolution sponsored by Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, and passed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors, urging San Francisco law enforcement not to comply with criminal provisions of any new immigration bill.

'San Francisco stands foursquare in strong opposition to the rhetoric coming out of Washington, D.C.,' Newsom said. 'If people think we were defiant on the gay marriage issue, they haven't seen defiance.'"

U.S. Ambasador to Venezuela attacked with fruits and vegetables

US is threatening retaliation if it happens again.

(excuse me for a moment while I laugh out loud.)

Tomatoes of mass destruction? Nuclear Squash? God help us all!

U.S. Says Venezuela Complicit in Attack - Yahoo! News:

"Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns summoned Venezuelan Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez to the State Department and told him that Venezuela was in violation of an international treaty that requires the host countries to ensure the safety of foreign diplomats, department spokesman Sean McCormack said.

The incident 'clearly was condoned by the local government,' McCormack said.

Pro-government activists bombarded Brownfield's car with fruit and vegetables and a group of motorcyclists chased the convoy, at times pummeling the vehicles with their fists."

Scottie's credibility not in tatters; more like confetti

White House Faces Barrage of Leak Queries - Yahoo! News:
"John Podesta, a former chief of staff in the Clinton White House, said, 'Scott McClellan's credibility isn't just in tatters. It is more like confetti.'
Administration critics said Bush's actions were a misuse of the declassification process.

Bush's 'selective declassification of highly sensitive intelligence for political purposes is wrong,' said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Pelosi said a presidential executive order requires a uniform system for classifying, declassifying and safeguarding national security information and asked, 'Why didn't President Bush follow this protocol before authorizing the selective leak of highly sensitive intelligence?'

Rep. Rush Holt (news, bio, voting record), D-N.J., called for a House Intelligence Committee investigation and for the president to explain his actions in person to Congress.

Last year, a commission appointed by Bush to look into the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq cautioned against leaks for political purposes.

'Policymakers who leak intelligence to the press in order to gain political advantage ... may do so without fully appreciating the potential harm that can result to sources and methods,' the commission said.

It said the intelligence community should consider implementing 'a widespread, modern-day equivalent of the `Loose Lips Sink Ships' campaign to educate individuals about their legal obligations and possible penalties to safeguard intelligence information.' "

Leak-Hating President, As Leaker

The preznit only means what he says when it comes to bombing hell out of some defenseless country back to the Dark Ages.

He does as he damn well pleases when it comes to his political agenda, and the Republican Congress does nothing.

They will pay for his sins. Count on it!

If this keeps up the Republican party is toast, everywhere but in the South and they will lose some there as well.

NEWSVIEW: Leak-Hating President, As Leaker - Yahoo! News:

"WASHINGTON - President Bush insists a president 'better mean what he says.' Those words could return to haunt him. "

Friday, April 07, 2006



"President Bush has not fired any of the architects of the Iraq war. In fact, a review of the key planners of the conflict reveals that they have been rewarded, not blamed, for their incompetence."

Maybe they haven't been fired because they have done exactly what he wanted them to do; or, perhaps, because they know too much.

Bushite portfolios have been very successful as a result of this quagmire. Oil orices are up and the Miltary/Industrial/Security Complex is making out like Flynt.

What's to be upset about?

Waxman has a few questions for the preznit.

Committee on Government Reform Minority Office: "Thursday, April 06, 2006 -- In a letter to President Bush, Rep. Waxman asks for a full accounting of the President's and Vice President's actions in authorizing leaks of classified intelligence about Iraq, while at the same time concealing the President's knowledge of serious doubts about Iraq's pursuit of nuclear weapons."

Nuclear Plants Undefended Against .50 Caliber Rifles

Gun Guys � Nuclear Plants Undefended Against .50 Caliber Rifles:

"Late last year, our friends at sent out a notice about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission�s warnings to nuclear power plants around the country. Those warnings included airplane attacks (like those on September 11th), and the warning of .50 caliber sniper rifles, gigantic guns that are able to shoot through inches of steel, and yet are still freely available to almost anyone in America.

Now, a House subcommitee is reviewing these warnings, and has heard testimony from the nuclear power lobby that these plants are saying they aren't able to defend against attacks like these."

Doesn't sound like the Bushites are all that concerned about another "terrorist attack." Wonder why?

More death in Iraq; another Mosque

Mosque Suicide Bombers Kill 79 in Baghdad - Yahoo! News:

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Suicide bombers, one dressed as a woman, blasted worshippers as they left a Shiite mosque after Friday prayers, killing at least 79 people and wounding more than 160 in the deadliest attack in Iraq this year. "

How can the Bushites say that there are improvements in Iraq? Do they mean that more Iraqis are dying at a faster pace?

More Delay BS


"Anyone who was under the impression that the announcement of Tom Delay's upcoming resignation signaled the end of political corruption in Texas' Congressional District 22 should now see how misguided their hopes really were.

According to Texas law an election to replace a dead, convicted or resigned member of Congress must take place on one of the 2 remaining uniform election days, May 13 or November 7. The law further states that such elections require the ballot to be set up 36 days before election day.

That means that Tom Delay must resign today (April 7, 2006) in order for a special election to be held on May 13."

Bush, GOP Struggle for Public Approval - Yahoo! News

Bush, GOP Struggle for Public Approval - Yahoo! News:

"The AP-Ipsos survey is loaded with grim election-year news for a party struggling to stay in power. Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction, the largest percentage during the Bush presidency and up 13 points from a year ago.

'These numbers are scary. We've lost every advantage we've ever had,' GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio said. 'The good news is Democrats don't have much of a plan. The bad news is they may not need one.'

Democratic leaders predicted they will seize control of one or both chambers of Congress in November. Republicans said they feared the worst unless the political landscape quickly changes."

Immigration bill fails key vote, amid partisan bickering.

Immigration bill fails key vote - Politics - Full Article

"WASHINGTON - The Senate sidetracked sweeping immigration legislation Friday amid partisan recriminations, leaving in doubt prospects for passage of a measure that offered the hope of citizenship to millions of men, women and children living in the United States illegally."

Outcry Builds Over Bush Leaking Classified Iraq Info... | The Huffington Post

Outcry Builds Over Bush Leaking Classified Iraq Info... The Huffington Post:

"The White House tried today to quell the furor over the leaking of sensitive prewar intelligence on Iraq, as President Bush's spokesman insisted that any release of information was 'in the public interest' rather than for political reasons.

The spokesman, Scott McClellan, said a decision was made to declassify and release some information to rebut 'irresponsible and unfounded accusations' that the administration had manipulated or misused prewar intelligence to buttress its case for war."

But that is exactly what the White House did, Scottie.

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

The Blog | Arianna Huffington: Poof! Presidential Magic Turns National Secrets Into Judy Miller "Exclusive" | The Huffington Post

The Blog Arianna Huffington: Poof! Presidential Magic Turns National Secrets Into Judy Miller "Exclusive" The Huffington Post:

"According to Libby's grand jury testimony (as reported by Patrick Fitzgerald), when Dick Cheney suggested that his former chief of staff leak parts of a highly classified National Intelligence Estimate, Scooter initially refused -- reminding his boss of the classified nature of the NIE.

So Cheney whipped out his trump card, telling Libby that President Bush had authorized the leak. But Libby -- according to Libby -- apparently still felt a little funny about revealing national secrets, so he had a quick lawyer-to-lawyer chat with David Addington, then vice presidential counsel, whom Libby 'considered to be an expert in national security law.'

Expert Addington told Libby not to worry, explaining that Bush's 'authorization to publicly disclose a document amounted to a declassification of the document.' Call it Addington's Theory of Presidential Magic: Take a classified document. Wave the president's wand over it. Say the secret word ('WHIG-y, WHIG-y'). And, presto-chango, the super secret info is now a Judy Miller exclusive!"

I never knew that the appropriate way to declassify classified infomation was to give it to one reporter, secretly. Why not just hand out the NIE at the daily press conference?

Oh yeah, I remember now; because Bush did not want the press to see all the heavy caveats about yellow cake and those scary tubes.

Bush bumper sticker on a horse's ass

Conniving, greedy, lying and deceitful - Staff:

"I have been a registered Republican since the early 1950s, as has my wife, Dot. In fact our dedication to the Grand Old Party was such that we used to ride our horses around our Buckingham Township, Pa., neighborhood with Republican candidates' bumper stickers on their backsides. Now, we never considered the implication, but we found out later that one of those candidates was a real 'horsesass.'

If we had horses today, that's right where we'd stick George Bush's bumper sticker, on our horses' asses.

This is the worst administration in our memory. As a Fiscal Conservative, I began disliking Bush when he proposed major tax cuts as a means to get elected in 2000. Despite that, given the choice of two inept presidential candidates we voted for Bush as 'the lesser of two evils.' Little did we know. Once elected he immediately borrowed $49 billion to fund the massive tax cut, which primarily benefited the wealthy, increased the deficit and the national debt."

Amazingly, Bush admits to ardering leak

The Washington Monthly:

"So Bush did know about the leak, and he did authorize it. What's more, his excuse is a simple one: he wanted to defend himself against attacks on his war policy, so it was OK.

That's exactly what happened, but it's remarkable that he's willing to admit it. Basically, Bush is saying that it's all right for him to selectively leak classified information whenever he feels it would help him politically."

Maybe it is legal, I honestly don't know, but it is definitely sleazy and dishonest, since it was selective leaking and motivated purely by politcs. Playing politics with the NIE is despicable.

AT&T + NSA = trouble

AT&T whistleblower claims to document illegal NSA surveillance CNET

"Evidence provided by a former AT&T technician proves that the telecommunications company secretly and unlawfully opened its networks to government eavesdroppers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said Thursday.

Alert readers may remember that EFF sued AT&T in January, alleging it illegally cooperated with the National Security Agency's secret eavesdropping program. Then, in an odd twist last week, the Bush administration objected to EFF including some internal AT&T documents in court (the Feds claimed they might be classified).

Now EFF seems to have cleared that up and has filed them in court, although they're still under seal. "


Testimony Adds New Element to Probe of CIA Leak:

"'The buck doesn't stop anywhere with this White House. Now we know why the president hasn't been straight with Americans,' said Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.). 'Two and a half years ago, President Bush said. 'If there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is.' He said he'd fire whoever leaked classified information, and now we know the president himself authorized it. Now we know that the president's search for the leaker needs to go no further than a mirror.'

The White House refused to comment directly on the court filing, except to point out that Bush's very decision to disclose classified information means he declassified it -- an assessment shared by independent legal experts.
A senior administration official, speaking on background because White House policy prohibits comment on an active investigation, said Bush sees a distinction between leaks and what he is alleged to have done. The official said Bush authorized the release of the classified information to assure the public of his rationale for war as it was coming under increasing scrutiny."

Libby implored Scottie to issue a statement exonerating him

Think Progress � Libby Pressured McClellan To Issue Statement �Exonerating Him�: Full artcile

"Another piece of interesting information buried in yesterday's filing by Patrick Fitzgerald: Scooter Libby 'implored White House officials to have a public statement issued exonerating him' even though he 'had in fact played in disclosing Ms. Wilson's CIA employment.'

He went so far as giving Press Secretary Scott McClellan a (somewhat poetic) hand-written note:"

What is it with Scooter and the poetic notes?

The Gaggle: Bobbin' and a Weavin'

TPM Muckraker April 7, 2006 11:33 AM (Printable Format): "This morning's White House gaggle, started at 10 AM ...
QUESTION: Did the President authorize the leak of intelligence information?

Scott McClellan: Terry, there is an ongoing legal proceeding, and our policy has been that we're not going to comment on it while it's ongoing. And that remains our policy. You will recall, if you go back to that time period that you are referencing, that we did declassify information relating to the -- in the National Intelligence Estimate, to provide that information to the public. That was provided on July 18th, I believe was the day, of 2003.

QUESTION: And since you put it in a context, is this the same information that Mr. Libby cites in his affidavit?

Scott McClellan: That's a question relating to an ongoing legal proceeding and, as you know, I can't get into commenting on that. We want to make sure that there is due process, that there is a fair trial, and that we don't do anything to jeopardize an ongoing legal proceeding.

They're going to be -- this is not the first filing that has been made in this legal proceeding. There will be additional filings, I'm sure, going forward. And I hope you can appreciate the policy -- the position that we've taken, which is that we're going to let that legal proceeding continue. And we're not going to comment on it while it's ongoing."

It's Clear that the Bushites do not plan on another terrorist attack

Why doesn't somone in the Senate or House get up and list all of the Bush failures to protect the naion's security and then say; It is almost as if the administration is fairly certain there will not be another "terrorist" attack.

How can they be so sure?

Cities move to defend against railroad attacks

"JERSEY CITY, N.J. : Boston officials envision keeping rail cars carrying hazardous chemicals at least 10 miles away unless the city is their destination.

A plan in Chicago would prohibit such tanker cars in its downtown Loop. In Cleveland, city officials are considering banning them near Lake Erie, water treatment plants, and crowded neighborhoods."

More Monkey Talk About Iran

No president, with so many clouds hanging over his administration, should be allowed to launch sstrikes on anyone, especially strikes that could be the start of WWIII.

U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say: "'In recent months I have grown increasingly concerned that the administration has been giving thought to a heavy dose of air strikes against Iran's nuclear sector without giving enough weight to the possible ramifications of such action,' said Wayne White, a former deputy director at the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research. White, who worked in the bureau's Office of Analysis for the Near East and South Asia, left government in early 2005 and is now an adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute.

Several experts and former officials interviewed by the Forward pointed to Vice President Dick Cheney as one of the key figures who has concluded that the ongoing diplomatic efforts to bring Iran before the United Nations Security Council and eventually slap the Islamic regime with sanctions will come to naught, forcing Washington to resort to force to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons."

What is it going to take?

Bush could commit ax murder in the Rose Garden and....just as always, nothing would happen.

BushCo, all of them, should be in prison, NOW!

Thanks to the Republican-controlled congress, they don't even get censured. When the times comes, we will not forget the Rethugs in congress, like Pat Roberts, who have covered for them since 9/11.

BBC NEWS Americas Bush 'approved intelligence leak':

"US President George W Bush authorised the leak of classified material to the media to defend the invasion of Iraq, a former White House aide has testified.

The testimony, cited in court papers, comes from Lewis Libby, who is facing trial in connection with a separate leak involving a CIA agent's identity.

Mr Bush, who is not accused of allowing the agent's outing, is under pressure to say if he was behind any other leak.
He has in the past condemned leaks and has said he would sack anyone involved.

The White House has so far failed to comment on Mr Libby's testimony. "

Seperating money from power in our politics

The Only way to save our Democracy, which is now on life-support.

Welcome to Washington Spectator Online:

By Bill Moyers April 1, 2006 (page 1/3)
Money is choking our democracy to death. Our elections are bought out from under us andour public officials are doing the bidding of mercenaries. So powerful is the hold of wealth on politics that we cannot say America is working for all Americans. The majority may support such broad social goals as affordable medical coverage for all, decent wages for working people, safe working conditions, a secure retirement, and clean air and water, but there is no government 'of, by, and for the people' to deliver on those aspirations.
Our system of privately financed campaigns has shut regular people out of any meaningful participation in democracy. Less than one-half of one percent of all Americans made a political contribution of $200 or more to a federal candidate in 2004. When the average cost of winning a seat in the House of Representatives has topped $1 million, we can no longer refer to that chamber as 'The People's House.' Congress belongs to the highest bidder.

At the same time that the cost of getting elected is exploding beyond the reach of ordinary people, the business of influencing our elected representatives has become a growth industry. Since President Bush was elected the number of registered lobbyists in Washington has more than doubled. That's 16,342 lobbyists in 2000 and 34,785 last year: 65 lobbyists for every member of Congress. The total spent per month by special interests wining, dining, and seducing federal officials is now nearly $200 million. Per month.
Numbers don't tell the whole story. "

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bush Authorized Leak to Times, Libby Told Grand Jury

How much more is it going to take?

This puts Bush right in the eye of this particular hurricane.

(The game is afoot; Rove tries to sink Cheney and Libby tries to sink Bush. They are all guilty has deadly sin; this is about who survives.)

Bush Authorized Leak to Times, Libby Told Grand Jury:

"A former White House aide under indictment for obstructing a leak probe, I. Lewis Libby, testified to a grand jury that he gave information from a closely-guarded 'National Intelligence Estimate' on Iraq to a New York Times reporter in 2003 with the specific permission of President Bush, according to a new court filing from the special prosecutor in the case.

The court papers from the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, do not suggest that Mr. Bush violated any law or rule. However, the new disclosure could be awkward for the president because it places him, for the first time, directly in a chain of events that led to a meeting where prosecutors contend the identity of a CIA employee, Valerie Plame, was provided to a reporter.

Mr. Fitzgerald's inquiry initially focused on the alleged leak, which occurred after a former ambassador who is Ms. Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times questioning the accuracy of statements Mr. Bush made about Iraq's nuclear procurement efforts in Africa."

More on Election Theft; 2006

Demand pencil and paper voting.

We cannot trust anything else!

THE BRAD BLOG: "INDIANA TV NEWS: ES&S Breaks State Law -- Again! No Early Voting Ballots Provided, Just Electronic Touch-Screen Voting Machines that Don't Work": "

The Govt. protect us? You gotta be kiddin'

At this juncture, does this really surprise anyone?

If there is still anyone out there that would put anything past this bunch of thugs, Pay Attention, or you may be too dumb to live

Agencies Not Protecting Privacy Rights, GAO Says:
"Government agencies that use private information services for law enforcement, counterterrorism and other investigations often do not follow federal rules to protect Americans' privacy, according to a report yesterday by the Government Accountability Office.

The Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security and two other agencies examined by the GAO spent about $30 million last year on companies that maintain billions of electronic files about adults' current and past addresses, family members and associates, buying habits, personal finances, listed and unlisted phone numbers, and much more."


O.K., time for a little fun; a laugh or two, for the good of our mental health.

The Satirical Political Report - An Offbeat Look at the Hot-Button Issues of the Day � SHIITES DEMAND BUSH�S RESIGNATION: CLAIM HE�S CONTROLLED BY RELIGIOUS FANATICS: "In a dramatic turn of events, the warring Shiite factions in Iraq have temporarily 'buried the hatchet,' and banded together to demand that George W. Bush immediately resign as President of the United States.
First and foremost, the Shiite leaders expressed concern that Bush was controlled by radical religious leaders such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, which cast serious doubt on Bush's ability to lead a democratic, pluralistic and secular society.

Abdul el-Insane-i, a spokesman for the new Shiite coalition, said that the last straw was the Bush Administration's hostility to science and evolution: 'I mean, I'm as religious as the next guy, but dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden? C'mon, even Tony Soprano knows that's bullshit.' "

"Republicans Have Entered the Twighlight Zone"

Unfortunately, we have all been drug along, into Rod Sterling world.

The Progressive Daily Beacon: "Republicans Have Entered the Twighlight Zone": Full article

"It's official -- yes, official that DeLay won't seek reelection, but also that Republicans in Washington DC have become completely dissociated from the realm of reality. Imagine the edge of the universe and that distance from earth (100, 000 million million million kilometers). Now multiply that by, say, the speed of light (300,000 kilometers per second, 186,000 miles per second) and you'll be in the ballpark of the distance between DC GOPers and reality.

Indeed, Republicans have officially entered the Twighlight Zone...doo-doo-dee-doo, doo-doo-dee-doo. . . .

Take for example, Tom DeLay's excuse for having given up the idea of running for reelection, 'I refuse to allow liberal Democrats an opportunity to steal this seat with a negative personal campaign,' DeLay said. Uh-huh, right -- blame the so-called 'liberal Democrats,' as if his decision to bail out had nothing to do with that orange prison jumpsuit he was being fitted for.

Add to those outlandish comments the fact that it wasn't but a week ago DeLay appeared at a 'Christian Persecution' conference and all but declared himself more persecuted than Jesus Christ himself and, too, DeLay's insistence that, '... I have always served honorably and ethically...I've never broken the law or the spirit of the law or even a House rule,' and one half expects Rod Serling himself to pop up and say, 'There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition; and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.

Conservative Marriage on the Rocks? | TPMCafe

If Democrats don't find some way to blow it, this is not only a divorce, but the probable end of the Republican Party for years to come.

As more shocking revelations emerge, and they will, because there is more, much more, between now and November, the downfall of Republican power will become inevitable.

Conservative Marriage on the Rocks? TPMCafe: "By Elizabeth Warren bio

Allan Carlson gets it. In the current Weekly Standard, he asks if the marriage between social conservatives and the GOP can be saved. His case in point: the bankruptcy bill. Dr. Carlson makes the point that when Republicans had to make the choice between their big business allies and the millions of hard-working families who put them in office, the politicians enthusiastically chose the financial services giants over the families. And he's pretty hot about it.

Dr. Carlson frames the issue in terms of party politics, a rip at the center of the Republican alliance between big business and small families. But the central point is even larger: Whether politicians represent corporate interests or family interests is a national question, pervading both Democratic and Republican politics. "

Condi washes her hands of State Department

Much more of these ignorant, criminal jackasses at the helm of the ship of state and theU.S. will start looking like Iraq.

Guardian Unlimited Comment is free The tethered goat strategy:
"Since the Iraqi elections in January, US foreign service officers at the Baghdad embassy have been writing a steady stream of disturbing cables describing drastically worsening conditions. Violence from incipient communal civil war is rapidly rising. Last month there were eight times as many assassinations committed by Shia militias as terrorist murders by Sunni insurgents. The insurgency, according to the reports, also continues to mutate. Meanwhile, President Bush's strategy of training Iraqi police and army to take over from coalition forces - 'when they stand up, we'll stand down' - is perversely and portentously accelerating the strife. State department officials in the field are reporting that Shia militias use training as cover to infiltrate key positions. Thus the strategy to create institutions of order and security is fuelling civil war.

Rather than being received as invaluable intelligence, the messages are discarded or, worse, considered signs of disloyalty. Rejecting the facts on the ground apparently requires blaming the messengers. So far, two top attaches at the embassy have been reassigned elsewhere for producing factual reports that are too upsetting."

Rummy didn't commit no tactical errors!

What the hell is Condi talking about? The war is going swimingly, don't you know.

Rummy is obviously senile as a post or he thinks we all are.

The tactical errors were nothing compared to the strategic ones, beginning with deception of the American people about the excuses for doing what they had planned to do for years before 9/11, invading and occupying Iraq.

All these people need to be in prison!

Rumsfeld Challenges Rice on 'Tactical Errors' in Iraq: "Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said he did not know what Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was talking about when she said last week that the United States had made thousands of 'tactical errors' in handling the war in Iraq, a statement she later said was meant figuratively.

Speaking during a radio interview on WDAY in Fargo, N.D., on Tuesday, Rumsfeld said calling changes in military tactics during the war 'errors' reflects a lack of understanding of warfare. Rumsfeld defended his war plan for Iraq but added that such plans inevitably do not survive first contact with the enemy."

Big Brother on Steroids

Mass Surveillance for Dummies -- Part 4: "George Bush's Democracy is two wolves (in sheep's clothing) attacking a lamb, throwing the lamb in a hole and keeping him prisoner indefinitely (for the safety of the wolves) while borrowing money from all the lambs in the neighborhood (to create a world safe for wolves) and using the lamb's wool as collateral (for the benefit of the lending wolves). If this makes no sense, read no further. It's not going to get any better than this.

This convoluted type reasoning is what makes the world of mass surveillance turn upon the axis of American government rationalization. This is the type reasoning that government shysters use to confuse any politician or entity brave enough, lucky enough or stupid enough to blunder upon their hidden world of mass surveillance programs for all the inhabitants of the planet. This is the reasoning that allows our government to continually expand their nefarious programs using well-hidden and bottomless budgets and answer only occasionally to over-zealous and misguided civil rights activists.

The power of present-day programs of mass surveillance is truly futuristic, beyond comprehension and beyond oversight and control. But even this does not properly portray their danger to the 'American way of life'. Their true power and danger comes in examining the programs in connection with the resumes of those who have been empowered by the Bush Administration to guide, control (and of course expand) these programs. "

Nukes to be used in Iran?

Get ready for WWIII and Armageddon. BushCo are devoid of any common sense at all, let alone human decency.

War Against Iran, April 2006:

"History repeats itself, but always with new twists. We are back to the good old days when a Declaration of War preceded the start of a war. Such declaration occurred on March 16th, 2006. Reversing the old order, we are now in the 'Sitzkrieg', to be followed shortly by an aerial 'Blitzkrieg' in the coming days.

In the old days, Congress declared war, and directed the Executive to take action. In the new millenium, the Executive declared war last March 16th, then Congress will pass H.R. 282, 'To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its threatening behavior and to support a transition to democracy in Iran.' This bill and previous ones like it are in direct violation of the legally binding Algiers Accords[pdf] signed by the United States and Iran on January 19, 1981, that states 'The United States pledges that it is and from now on will be the policy of the United States not to intervene, directly or indirectly, politically or militarily, in Iran's internal affairs'; however, this is clearly of no interest to the 353 policymakers sponsoring the bill.

The US promised Russia and China that the UN Security Council statement just approved will not be a trigger for military action after 30 days; true to its promise, the US will attack before the 30-day deadline imposed by the UNSC for Iran to stop its nuclear enrichment activity, i.e. before the end of April. The 'justification' is likely to be an alleged threat of imminent biological attack with Iran's involvement."

Seems only violent protests get any attention

True here as well. It sends a very dangerous message to those who feel frustrated at not being heard.

The Hindu : National : Non-violent struggles are being ignored, says Arundhati Roy: "NEW DELHI: Warning that the country was facing 'a kind of most serious situation,' author and human rights activist Arundhati Roy on Sunday said the Government these days was neither respecting nor listening to those raising their voice via non-violent means. Instead, it was inviting those leading violent struggles for talks.
Joining other social activists, writers, scholars, politicians and students at the Jantar Mantar here to express solidarity with Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) leader Medha Patkar � sitting on a fast-unto-death with two other activists, Jamsingh Bhai Nargave and Bhagwatibai Jatpuria, for the past five days, Ms. Roy said: 'All such tactics are sending a dangerous message to those who are fighting peacefully.'
'The Government is taking undue advantage of the situation, but it must realise that it is doing so at its own peril,' the author warned. The NBA activists had no option but to fight for their rights like many others who were now finding a common cause with them, she said, referring to families displaced by the removal of slums in Delhi and Mumbai. "

Christian Zionism and the danger it causes

The Passionate Attachment:: "The Bush administration would have Americans believe that the problems in the Middle East are caused by Saddam Hussein, Muslim fundamentalism and mindless terrorism. Increasingly Bush & Co. see all foreign policy matters through the distorting lens of their own 'war on terrorism' vision. In fact, a principal if not the main cause of conflict in the Middle East is another 'ism,' namely Zionism and the blind support given it by the United States.

The latest confusions, reversals and failures of U.S. policy in the Middle East all trace back to long-standing U.S. support for Zionism. Increasingly, as Bush ties himself ever tighter to the policies of Ariel Sharon, it comes down to Israel and the United States against the world, the recent administration claims of a right of 'preemptive attack' on Iraq being just the latest example. Americans must examine closely to what they are being tied and where we are going, morally as well as politically.

Zionism is essentially Jewish nationalism rooted in 19th century racist, colonialist thinking gilded over with a 'religious' patina. The earliest Zionists saw security for persecuted Jews in a 'return' to Palestine and those early leaders were clear if circumspect to the point of deceit about having to displace the Arab inhabitants of Palestine to secure their goals.1 Zionism became serious about a century ago as east European Jews emerged from their village religious culture, although many early Zionist leaders were not religious Jews. The early Zionist movement was vigorously opposed by more assimilated western European Jews as well as most Jewish religious leaders; it gained support, although still a minority, on the break up of the Ottoman Empire and really got off the ground with the World War I British Balfour Declaration which promised Zionists a homeland in Palestine"

How the GOP Became God's Own Party

There is truly no development in the 20th Century, and now this century, quite as frightening as the rise of the religiously insane in America.

Who was it who said that when fascism comes to America, it will come cloaked in the flag and carrying a cross? Whoever said it was prescient.

How the GOP Became God's Own Party: Full Article

"Now that the GOP has been transformed by the rise of the South, the trauma of terrorism and George W. Bush's conviction that God wanted him to be president, a deeper conclusion can be drawn: The Republican Party has become the first religious party in U.S. history.

We have had small-scale theocracies in North America before -- in Puritan New England and later in Mormon Utah. Today, a leading power such as the United States approaches theocracy when it meets the conditions currently on display: an elected leader who believes himself to speak for the Almighty, a ruling political party that represents religious true believers, the certainty of many Republican voters that government should be guided by religion and, on top of it all, a White House that adopts agendas seemingly animated by biblical worldviews.

Indeed, there is a potent change taking place in this country's domestic and foreign policy, driven by religion's new political prowess and its role in projecting military power in the Mideast.

The United States has organized much of its military posture since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks around the protection of oil fields, pipelines and sea lanes. But U.S. preoccupation with the Middle East has another dimension. In addition to its concerns with oil and terrorism, the White House is courting end-times theologians and electorates for whom the Holy Lands are a battleground of Christian destiny. Both pursuits -- oil and biblical expectations -- require a dissimulation in Washington that undercuts the U.S. tradition of commitment to the role of an informed electorate."

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bush's War on America!

The American Oil Barons would rather bomb all of us than seek real solutions to the energy crisis...strike that, this is not crisis, it is a raging disaster.

The War at Home: How to make war on America without getting caught!:

"What do Iran, Iraq, the Sudan and southern Louisiana all have in common? Oil.

What do the residents of Iran, Iraq, the Sudan and southern Louisiana all have in common? They're screwed. (There's a pattern here. If you have oil on your property, you can bet your bottom dollar that sooner or later some oil-obsessed neo-con is gonna attempt to 'liberate' your land. Venezuela? Nigeria? Canada? You're next. No wonder Canada is so happy that Homeland Security is building that fence!)

The inhabitants of Iran, Iraq, the Sudan and southern Louisiana might be the kindest, nicest, most decent people in the world. Or they could all be terrorist jerks. It doesn't matter whether they are good guys or bad. In today's modern world, if you live on top of oil reserves, you're screwed.

Because Iran, Iraq and the Sudan are foreign countries, it's easy to steal their oil. You just start a media campaign and then bomb the hell out of them. No problem. 'They are evil predators and we need to defend ourselves,' friends of Big Oil tell us over and over and over again. 'It's PATRIOTIC to hit 'em with Shock and Awe.' But things get a bit more complex when it comes to bombing America. "

Yet another Fascism Alert

WTF? Check out the full article linked below as well as the artcile that started it all.

The author has not broken any laws, yet he is being threatened, because his article might incite others.

What about Falwell and Robertson? They incite hate every time they open their mouths. Are they being threatened by the Bush governent too?

OpEdNews Editor Warned by Capitol Police For Article:

"I wrote an article the other day, Black November, in which I expressed my wish that Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell were both losing sleep worrying about people after them for murdering democracy. I gave a detailed description of what they should worry about. Katherine Harris may actually be worrying about it.

I know because I got a call from a special agent of the Capitol Police checking with me on my article. She assured me that I hadn't broken any law, that this fell under free speech, that I'd been clear that I didn't want to harm her. But, she added, other people who might read my writing might be incited to action. I assured her that was not my intent. That seemed to reassure her a bit. But then she said that I was in a 'grey area.' "

CCR works on Impeachment

These folks are doing some major work and deserve all the support we can give them. They are working on many of the main cases for Impeachment

CCR: "Attorneys Who Represent Victims of Torture and 'Rendition' Say Amnesty International Report Adds to Evidence of Bush Administration's Systemic Use of Torture

The following is a statement from Bill Goodman, CCR Legal Director:

These new disclosures again demonstrate our contention that the U.S. government is systematically outsourcing torture. The flight records reveal a disturbing pattern of secret human rights abuse around the world, from the U.S. to Guantanamo Bay to Djibouti. It is shameful that the Bush Administration has used the CIA and private aircraft operators to send people abroad for torture, and now that these practices have been exposed, the Administration and these companies must be held accountable. Congress overwhelmingly voted to ban torture and the American people do not want torture practiced in their name; not on our soil, and not hidden in another country.

"Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and 'disappearance'" is available at Amnesty International's website. Information about CCR's cases, including legal challenges to outsourcing torture, is available on CCR's website.


Are the Dems beginning to strut their stuff?

I will believe it when I see it.

Daily Kos: TIME: "For once, the Democrats are getting their act together":

"On Capitol Hill last week, it was almost as if the two parties had decided to switch roles. At a press briefing, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer was declaring, 'Republicans don't have an agenda,' a critique Republicans usually hurl at Democrats. The next day Hoyer and other Democrats from the Senate and House, along with state governors, got together to announce the party's unified plan for improving America's national security.

Meanwhile, Republicans were looking in disarray -- even before the announcement this week that Tom DeLay would give up his House seat. [...]

The conventional wisdom in Washington in recent years has been that Republicans are more unified and disciplined and have better-articulated ideas than Democrats, who are often at war with one another and questioning their leadership. But lately the Democrats, looking to create a campaign platform for 2006, have put out some ideas that their famously fractured party largely agrees on. "

A "Humbled" News Media?

Tucked inside an article about George W. Bush's disastrous Iraq War and his continuing failure to catch Osama bin-Laden, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen offered a limited criticism of himself and his media colleagues who have acted as pro-Bush cheerleaders for much of the past four-plus years.

Those of us who once advocated this war [in Iraq] are humbled, Cohen wrote in a column on April 4. It's not just that we grossly underestimated the enemy. We vastly overestimated the Bush administration.

Not shit, Sherlock! But you did underestimate the Bushites ability to lie, again and again, with a straight face about everything from 9/11 to torture.

It will be a long time before the MSM and press wins back the trust of the American people. if ever.

Delay is going down, and that's that!

Signs point to federal investigators zeroing in on DeLay:

"The former House majority leader announced his resignation three days after court documents revealed that federal investigators have uncovered evidence of corruption in his leadership office. Tony Rudy, former deputy chief of staff to the powerful Republican congressman from Texas, admitted in a plea agreement that he sold his influence to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff while he was working for DeLay.
Rudy became the second former DeLay aide who's agreed to cooperate with federal investigators in return for a more lenient sentence.

'Any rational person in his (DeLay's) position would be very concerned,' said Kendall Coffey, a former federal prosecutor who's now a prominent defense lawyer in Miami. 'Whether it's working up the ladder at Enron or a drug organization, it's classic strategy to work up by getting plea agreements and cooperation at each level.'

DeLay, who's under indictment in Texas in a separate case involving his handling of campaign contributions, hasn't been accused of any wrongdoing in the Abramoff influence-peddling scandal. The congressman says he was unaware of any illegal activity by Rudy or his former press secretary Michael Scanlon.

Scanlon and Abramoff also are cooperating with prosecutors as part of a plea bargain.

DeLay said his decision to step down had nothing to do with Rudy's plea bargain or any concerns about the criminal investigation.

'I have not been subpoenaed, I have not been talked to,' he told National Public Radio. 'I know you, the press, has a hard time believing it, but the truth is I am not a target of this investigation. Abramoff has nothing to do with me.'

Even so, legal experts said DeLay should be worried that federal prosecutors seemed to have him in their sights"

Delay can grin and lie all he wishes, but these ex-aides are not giving evidence on Rove! They don't have evidence on anyone but Delay. Tom is toast.

Iraq's Neighbors Planning For Civil War in Iraq

AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth:

The four diplomats said intelligence chiefs from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and non-Arab Turkey held a series of meetings over the past few weeks to assess the situation in Iraq and work out plans to avoid any regional backlash that may result from sectarian conflict in Iraq.

Arab nations, mostly Sunni and traditionally suspicious of Iran, are deeply concerned about what they see as Iran's growing influence in Iraq. Turkey, also a key Sunni Muslim nation, is worried about Iraq's split into sectarian and ethnic entities that will give rise to Kurdish ambitions for independence."

VANITY FAIR Savages Bush's Scottie

VANITY FAIR : FEATURES : GENERAL: "Now that the daily White House briefings are instantly available online, Press Secretary Scott McClellan's mangled sentences, flat-footed evasions, and genial befuddlement have made him the butt of a thousand blogs, as well as of an increasingly savage press corps. Is he a victim, a pawn, or a P.R. disaster?

Definitely a funny read

Delay the Martyr; I may barf

The Blog Robert Scheer: DeLay's Absurd Religious Posturing The Huffington Post:

"Blame it on the vast anti-Christian conspiracy. That was the explanation offered by U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas and his supporters last week for the whirlpool of legal difficulties that finally led the ex-leader of the Republicans in Congress to admit it was time to call it quits.

The convener of a 'War on Christians' conference held in the nation's capital outrageously depicted the former House majority leader's political plight as the unwarranted crucifixion of a Christ-like leader by God-haters."

The Left, whoever that is, is out to get good old Christian Tom. All these damn prosecutors (prosecutors are known to be godless communists, don't you know) are just trying to get rid of Tom because he is a saint of some kind. He lives his values, or so say the crusading crackpots who fawn all over him.

Does that mean lust for power and corruption are christian values? Just wondering

Cheney did 9/11?

Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect: Full article

"The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has gone public to say that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam. He is the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, the George F. Kennan Peace Prize, the President�s Medal of Veterans for Peace, the Society of Military Engineers Gold Medal (twice), six Air Medals, and dozens of other awards and honors. His Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech. He chaired 8 major international conferences, and is one of the country's foremost experts on National Security.

Bowman worked secretly for the US government on the Star Wars project and was the first to coin the very term in a 1977 secret memo. After Bowman realized that the program was only ever intended to be used as an aggressive and not defensive tool, as part of a plan to initiate a nuclear war with the Soviets, he left the program and campaigned against it.

In an interview with The Alex Jones Show aired nationally on the GCN Radio Network, Bowman (pictured below) stated that at the bare minimum if Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were involved in 9/11 then the government stood down and allowed the attacks to happen. He said it is plausible that the entire chain of military command were unaware of what was taking place "

Our ADHD Democracy

As we have pointed out for years now, the dumbing down of America has been stunningly successful.

Citizens of other natoions know more about our government officials than w3e do and that is disgraceful!

If the citizens of this country care no more about their nation than this, we get what we deserve.

Fascism posing as Democracy!

American Democracy Indicted by Anthony Gregory: Full Artcile

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

"So says a popular bumper sticker. Indeed, those of us who have been paying attention to the political scene for years have often found ourselves outraged. The president's approval rating has gone up and down, but throughout his five years in office never has public outrage been quite commensurate with the levels of incompetence, deception, and criminality coming from Washington. The same was true under Clinton. People are simply not paying attention.

There are few writers who pay more attention to the political follies of our time and who provide their readers with more meticulously documented reasons to be outraged than James Bovard, whose new book, Attention Deficit Democracy, presents his diagnosis of what is so terribly wrong with modern American democracy.

Whether we see it as a fundamental ailment or mere symptom, the American people are largely ignorant of political reality; deeply ignorant. This has been true for some time, and Bovard cites numerous polls from the last several election cycles that all indicate a staggering lack of simple understanding.

In 2000, the University of Michigan conducted a comprehensive survey of Americans "political knowledge" and discovered that "only 15 percent knew the name of any candidate for the House of Representatives from their congressional district; only 11 percent could identify William Rehnquist as the chief justice of the Supreme Court, and only 9 percent knew that Trent Lott was the Senate majority leader.' "

Kerry on Bush's Mes-O-Potamia

Two Deadlines and an Exit - New York Times:

"So far, Iraqi leaders have responded only to deadlines; a deadline to transfer authority to a provisional government, and a deadline to hold three elections.

Now we must set another deadline to extricate our troops and get Iraq up on its own two feet.

Iraqi politicians should be told that they have until May 15 to put together an effective unity government or we will immediately withdraw our military. If Iraqis aren't willing to build a unity government in the five months since the election, they're probably not willing to build one at all. The civil war will only get worse, and we will have no choice anyway but to leave.

If Iraq's leaders succeed in putting together a government, then we must agree on another deadline: a schedule for withdrawing American combat forces by year's end. Doing so will empower the new Iraqi leadership, put Iraqis in the position of running their own country and undermine support for the insurgency, which is fueled in large measure by the majority of Iraqis who want us to leave their country. Only troops essential to finishing the job of training Iraqi forces should remain. "

Oh yeah;latest MSM Memo Focus and Plame

American Prospect Online - The Plame Game: "What Murray Waas' big scoop may really tell us about Bush's pre-war deceptions.
By Greg Sargent"

The chaotic, useless Antiwar movement

The Art of War for the anti-war movement:

"It is high time for the anti-war movement to take a collective look in the mirror, and be honest about what they see. A poorly organized, chaotic, and indeed often anarchic conglomeration of egos, pet projects and idealism that barely constitutes a 'movement,' let alone a winning cause. I have yet to observe an anti-war demonstration that has a focus on anti-war. It often seemed that every left-wing cause took advantage of the event to promote its own particular agenda, so that 'No War in Iraq' shared the stage with the environment, ecology, animal rights, pro-choice, and numerous other causes which not only diluted the anti-war message which was supposed to be sent, but also guaranteed that the demonstration itself would be seen as something hijacked by the left, inclusive of only progressive ideologues, and exclusive of the vast majority of moderate (and even conservative) Americans who might have wanted to share the stage with their fellow Americans from the left when it comes to opposing war with Iraq (or even Iran), but do not want to be associated with any other theme.

The anti-war movement, first and foremost, needs to develop a laser-like focus on being nothing more or less than anti-war."

Gods' Own Preznit hath created terrorists in the world

Boiling Mad: It's Official: Invasion of Iraq has Created Terrorists:

"This report is coming out in Britain, Official: Iraq war led to July bombings. The report of the report is as follows:
The first official recognition that the Iraq war motivated the four London suicide bombers has been made by the government in a major report into the 7 July attacks.

Despite attempts by Downing Street to play down suggestions that the conflict has made Britain a target for terrorists, the Home Office inquiry into the deadliest terror attack on British soil has conceded that the bombers were inspired by UK foreign policy, principally the decision to invade Iraq.

The findings will prove highly embarrassing to Tony Blair, who has maintained that the decision to go to war against Iraq would make Britain safer. On the third anniversary of the conflict last month, the Prime Minister defended Britain's involvement in Iraq, arguing that only an interventionist stance could confront terrorism."

This is abslolute insanity.

Of course, we have known this for years now, but it is still shocking to me; the breath-takingly twisted, ignorant thinking on the part of Blair, Bush and Howard, every time I read something about it.

Everyone learned some lesson or the other from 9/11. Too bad the Chickenhawks in the Bush administration did not learn the lessons of Vietnam.

Bible-Belt Sleaze

Sex tourism thriving in Bible Belt - Yahoo! News:

"ATLANTA (Reuters) - In a sleazy hotel room, 'Brittany,' then aged 16 and drugged into oblivion, waited for the men to arrive. Her pimps sent as many as 17 clients an evening through the door. "

...and this is happening in Atlanta, not Bangkok or Dubai.

What kind of male animal participates in this kind of sick, amoral behavior? Whatever, they deserve to be somebody's "prison bitch!"