Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fanning the Flames of Dissent

Fanning the Flames of Dissent:

"A Plutocratic government that does not represent the interests of the people does not deserve the allegiance of the people. It is the moral duty of all citizens to resist unjust government, to overthrow it, and replace it with a form of government that serves them, a representative democracy in which all citizens are equal.

For the first time in history the highest political offices in the land are occupied by executives from the oil industry. President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Secretary of State Rice, are all rolling in oil money. They represent Big Oil, not ordinary Americans. Their every policy provides more wealth to the rich and less for lower income families. Every government office, every cabinet level position is likewise stocked with former industry executives. Even the judiciary is peopled with pro business judges, leaving the people with few viable options within the bounds of the law.

Capital is responsible for the class warfare that has utterly destroyed America. There is only one super power capable of reigning in corporate power and emancipating the people, the rebellion of millions of ordinary but socially conscious working class Americans, regardless of party affiliation. America has suffered well over two centuries of capitalism. One or two percent of the population have benefited while the rest have toiled in virtual slavery. We need to go in another direction. Latin America provides a shinning example of governments that serve the public interest rather than private capital. "

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