Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bush's Rough Justice (should apply to him as well)

One of America's biggest problems is a relative lack of historical reference.

Perhaps it is because of our youth as a nation or maybe it has to do with the shortness of our collective attenton span.

Certainly, news media plays a part in this shortcoming by not providing historical context for world events, especially those in which we are involved.

At any rate, it makes for a terribly uninformed electorate, a clear and present danger to any Democracy.

Bush's Rough Justice:

How convenient for Saddam Hussein to be convicted two days before the midterm election by a US-elected and -directed court, providing President Bush with his much needed November surprise. How irresponsible for the mass media to neglect to point out that the 'crimes against humanity' for which Hussein was convicted occurred fifteen months before Donald Rumsfeld, then the special envoy to Iraq, met with Hussein in Baghdad to develop an alliance between the Administration of Ronald Reagan and that of the murderous Iraqi dictator.

The record of that trip, an enormous stain on our nation's human rights record, is detailed in State Department memoranda readily available on the Internet. Rumsfeld journeyed to Baghdad as President Reagan's special envoy after the bloody crackdown in the town of Dujail. Ironically, Hussein's terror campaign was a response to an assassination attempt on his life by Shiite militants belonging to the party now in power in Baghdad, thanks to President Bush's invasion.

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