Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Gooper Doo-Doo: Confront Junior And Vote With Him.

We called this one as soon as it hit the airwaves:

Buy time, buy time.....

Drag it all out, no matter how many innocent people die, including our own people.

GOP, thy name is lying, corrupt hypocrite!

None Of Republican Moderates Who "Warned" Bush Voted For Iraq Bill
By Greg Sargent bio

Here's a list of the "moderate" Republican members of Congress who made a big show of parading into President Bush's office a few days ago to inform him that the American public wants out of Iraq:

Charles W. Dent, Pennsylvania
Tom Davis, Virginia
Ray LaHood, Illinois
John Boehner, Ohio
Fred Upton, Michigan
Mark Kirk, Illinois
Jim Gerlach, Pennsylvania
James T. Walsh, New York
Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri
Jim Ramstad, Minnesota
Mike Castle, Delaware
Todd Platts, Pennsylvania

Guess how many of them voted yesterday for the House short-term bill that would tie funding to progress of the war? Exactly zero.

This isn't all that surprising, and doesn't say a great deal, but it does remind us that we shouldn't take the protestations of these GOP moderates all that seriously until they actually do something in practice, anything at all, to rein in this President and his war.

Update: It's worth adding that there may be a very good reason those GOPers leaked word of the "private" meeting with Bush: It sent a message back to their districts saying, in effect, that they're working hard to get this President to see reality -- really they are!

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