Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mitt Romney Is acting like a heathen

This is truly disgusting to anyone with any sense of decency in them!

Of course it isn't the first time democrats have been compared to people like Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden.

Remember Max Clelland in Georgia and the very nauseating Senator Chambliss back in 2002? Same thing, but not on a national scale.

As my grandpa used to say, "some people should be taken out-back and horse-whipped.

Mitt Catches S**t Over Hillary-Bashing Sign

Not everyone is a fan of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but comparing them to one of the most dastardly pieces of human excrement of all time -- that might be bit much. Especially for a presidential candidate.
TMZ obtained photos of presidential candidate Mitt Romney trying to win over grammatically challenged South Carolinians Thursday by holding a sign that said, "No to Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Moma."

Maybe he just doesn't like modern art?

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