Saturday, February 11, 2006

Conservative Ann Coulter describes Muslims as ragheads

Special to Raw Story.
Max Blumenthal writes for The Nation and The Huffington Post.

On Friday, February 10, the rock star of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was none other than Ann Coulter. Before an overflow crowd of at least 1000 young right-wing activists, Coulter took her brand of performance art to new heights. Afterwards, I caught up with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to ask him about Coulter's characterization of Muslims as "ragheads." Before I reveal his response, here are a sampling of Coulter's most memorable lines.

Coulter on Muslims:

Anyone know where this bitch typically hangs out?
We would almost consider the past 5 years a success if we could slap her cross-eyed.
As far a Frist goes; if he could make a freakin' diagnosis w/o so much as taking a patients vitals himself, why could he not comment on what Coulter said w/o hearing it with his own ears?
Frist is a disgrace to this country!

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