Monday, May 08, 2006

War on a credit card

We have a president who has never succeeded in a damn thing he has ever been involved in, so why are we surprissed that he is a failure at being CEO of America. (How many coompanies has he run into the ground?)

We stockholders should demand his resignation or fire him.

Funny Money on Iraq - New York Times:

"President Bush is trying to score unearned points for fiscal rectitude by railing against the Senate's outsize $109 billion supplemental spending package, which includes money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as hurricane relief. But the real scandal is Mr. Bush's own preference for financing much of the cost of the Iraq war outside the normal budget process. That is convenient for the administration, which does not have to count the money when it is pretending to balance the budget. But Iraq is not some kind of unexpected emergency, like Hurricane Katrina. It is a highly predictable cost, now amounting to about $100 billion a year, or just under 20 percent of total military spending. "

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