Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Pincer Strategy

Now there's a mental image for us: Bush and Cheney trapped in the pincers of a giant Lobster.

What a way to start the day!!!!

The Pincer Strategy:

Pincer: A movement in which two columns are driven, one on each side of an enemy
stronghold, so as to be able to converge like the jaws of pincers to isolate and
crush the stronghold.

Echoing calls from the left, Senator Arlen Specter recently announced plans to hold hearings on what he has described as the executive branch's blatant encroachment on Congressional authority. At the same time, the libertarian Cato Institute has issued a report condemning what its authors describe as the Bush Administration's ceaseless push for power and its disdain for constitutional limits. And the American Bar Association has just set up a bipartisan all-star legal panel to investigate whether George W. Bush is violating the Constitution by claiming the right to ignore laws passed by Congress. What's needed now is for those from different points on the political spectrum to cooperate to put effective checks and balances on the presidential power grab.

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