Sunday, February 12, 2006

For Possible '08 Run, McCain Is Courting Bush Loyalists

John McCain will never be the president of the U.S. 
The Bushes informed us that McCain wasn't wrapped all that tight, as a result of actually having served in Vietnam and being a POW at the hellish Hanoi Hilton.
Now, we all know that Bush, let alone Karl, would not lie about such a thing, right? We cannot really afford another loony in the White House in 2009, provided we all survive the next three years.
Why can't McCain see what is so obvious to most of us; Bush has nothing but contempt for him in private, while he uses him publicly.
Poor old John. He gets my pity, but not my vote.
I don't believe he is any more whacked out from Vietnam than any of the rest of us and that may or may not be a reason.
But the number one reason I won't vote for him is that he has a loyalty problem. There is a huge difference in loyalty and  keeping faith.
He has been loyal to Bush, even campaigning for him and so forth, after the Bush campaign attacked, maligned and hurt his wife and kid. That is not keeping faith with his wife and children.
Now he appears to be allowing Bush to hold him up to more ridicule by signing his anti-torture-bill, and then saying that the bill did tot apply to any orders Bush, himself, might deem fit to to give.
No, McCain will never be president. The Christian right would never vote for him, and any moderates that might have taken their place in the voting booths, especially women, are done with him now, thanks to George W. Bush and his Judas hugs.
What has he got on you John?
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, February 12, 2006; Page A01

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a man in perpetual motion, flew to South Carolina on Jan. 16. His stops included a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and speeches to local Republican groups. But one of his most important events was not on the public schedule -- a 5 p.m. meeting at a Spartanburg hotel with loyalists to President Bush.

A dozen or so people were in attendance. At least two were among Bush's major national fundraisers. Virtually all had been on Bush's side in the bitter 2000 South Carolina primary that badly damaged McCain's chances of winning the presidential nomination and scarred the relationship between the two men and their rival political camps. McCain was there to woo them.

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