Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Former President Joins Rally for Lieberman

If there is one thing I have learned from Billl Clinton it is that ex-presidents are far better not seen and not heard, except when it is a matter of a national and/or constitutional crisis.

Lieberman's current smackdown by the Dems of Conn., does not fall into either of those categories.

Doesn't anyone else just wish ne would shut the hell up, just for a few minutes?

Former President Joins Rally for Lieberman:

WATERBURY, Conn., July 24 -- Former president Bill Clinton joined a stage full of Connecticut officials Monday night in testifying to the Democratic credentials of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, whose 18-year tenure is threatened by the primary challenge of antiwar insurgent Ned Lamont.

Clinton headed a rescue effort disguised as a rally in the refurbished Palace Theater in downtown Waterbury -- a city famous in Democratic lore as the site of a tumultuous 2 a.m. outdoor rally on the final night of the 1960 presidential campaign.

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