Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No Drought Required For Federal Drought Aid

Maybe they are compensating ranchers for the coming drought to end all droughts, as climate change wreaks havoc all over the world.

Oops, that can't be it. The Bushites don't bellieve in global warming, science or anything like that.

No Drought Required For Federal Drought Aid:

CHANDLER, Tex. -- On a clear, cold morning in February 2003, Nico de Boer heard what sounded like a clap of thunder and stepped outside his hillside home for a look. High above the tree line, the 40-year-old dairy farmer saw a trail of smoke curling across the sky -- all that remained of the space shuttle Columbia.

Weeks later, de Boer was startled to learn that he was one of hundreds of East Texas ranchers entitled to up to $40,000 in disaster compensation from the federal government, even though the nearest debris landed 10 to 20 miles from his cattle.

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