Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bush whacking at Straw Men

....and he is still getting his ass kicked.

AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

I imagine it's increasingly difficult for Republican strategists to exploit the war on terror for political gain. On the one hand, past elections demonstrate the potential for Republican success from a fearful electorate and a focus on national security (and/or foreign policy). On the other, how long can you continue to say that your party is making gains in a war if you can never say you've won it? Apparently somebody decided to solve the problem: just say we're safer . . . but not safe. The interesting thing about a word like 'safe' is that you can always keep moving towards it without ever getting there. Hooray for Republican electoral prospects! The only problem would be if Americans got wise to the act.

[O]pinion polls suggest an increasingly skeptical public. In a CNN poll conducted Aug. 18-20, 52% of Americans said the war in Iraq distracts from fighting terrorists.

Uh oh . . . that's not going to be good for the meme that Democrats are soft on terror. So, what's scarier than terror by itself? Something that might distract people from the massive strategic mistake of Iraq? Ooh, ooh, I know: Hitler!

Bush said that ignoring the words of the terrorists themselves Â? as the world once ignored the words of Lenin and Hitler Â? risks underestimating their intent.

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