Saturday, September 09, 2006

We have reached the breaking point!

The fat effs in the White House and their enablers in Congress should pray that they all get defeated and get to go home, safely.

David Sirota:

I saw this new ad by the shadowy 527 group that helped President Bush in 2004, and all I could think is, I�ve really just about had it, and I think most Americans have also just about had it. The idea that the Republican Party can run around telling people with a straight face that it is serious about national security is just too hard to swallow anymore.
This is the party that, according to the GOP-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee, lied us into the Iraq War - a war that counterterrorism officials have repeatedly said took our focus off the War on Terror, a war that removed special forces from the hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan, a war that has served as one giant recruiting advertisement for radical Islamic jihadists.

This is the party that has refused to implement the 9/11 commission recommendations; a party that was trying to slash counterterrorism funding before 9/11 at the very same time it was receiving critical warnings about an imminent terrorist attack; a party that has cut taxes while refusing to fully fund basic homeland security priorities at our airports, ports and vulnerable infrastructure.

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