Wednesday, February 07, 2007

About that Bush Family Ranch in Paraguay...

Interesting and well-documented follow up to the on-going Paraguay articles.

Nevertheless, we are not all that concerned about the Bushites escaping to South America as the Nazis did.

Times have changed.

No one is safe, if someone wants, badly enough, to get them.

Keeping track of investments anywhere around oil or fresh water is worth the effort, and can prove very instructive.

About that Bush Family Ranch in Paraguay... | TPMCafe:

"A government office forbidden by law from disseminating information domestically was the mouthpiece of choice for the administration to deny rumors that the Bush family purchased thousands of acres in a remote portion of northern Paraguay.

According to CNN, the State Department's USINFO Counter-Disinformation/Misinformation Team, led by Todd Leventhal, 'helps U.S. embassies identify and rebut other nations' disinformation, most often fabrications about the United States planted in foreign newspapers or television shows and, these days, on the Internet.'

The State Department's response is posted on the USINFO website in its 'media archives.' Curiously, the official denial (below) was not issued separately but was appended to an earlier statement responding to equally persistent rumors of a U.S. military base in Paraguay.

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