Saturday, February 10, 2007

"These Are Tough Days to Be a Republican"

I just keep wondering when ordinary Republicans, like my father's Republicans, are going to break out of their denial and face the hard reality that Cheney and, therefore, Junior do not give a crap about the GOP.

The GOP is, for them, nothing but a power tool with which to pursue the Neoconservative, imperial vision as mapped out by the PNACers and the AEI.

We are now at a point of no return:

Do we want to continue our 200 and some odd year struggle to be a true Democratic Republic, or do we wish to simply give up and go with the flow towards a unique American fascism at home to support a corporate empire abroad?

Are there any of my father's Republicans left?

Anyone out there, who cares more about this country than they do their own inept and corrupt political party?

Or is it, again, up to the people?

The Progressive Daily Beacon: "These Are Tough Days to Be a Republican":

These are tough days to be a Republican. Really, who would want to be one? Their President was, according to real-life polling, considered more villainous than Lucifer...that's no joke. That's what this past December's AP/AOL News Poll found. This really is no time to be a Republican.

If Republicans were to meet with a group of today's kids and share with them all the GOP's woes, the kids would say, 'It sucks to be you!' And they'd be more correct than anybody had a right to be.

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