Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is the new NIE a real warning, or just another NeoCon myth

It's not so easy to figure out, when you've been lied to for so long and by so many different people.

Nevertheless, I fail to see how this NIE helps Bush and Cheney. The Intelligence Community is only saying what we have all known to be true for several years; the war in Iraq was the worst idea in history. It has provided al Qaeda with members who would never have thought of Jihad before Bush ordered the horrific bombing, invasion and occupation of Muslim land, under false pretenses; an illegal, unjust war, which lead, predictably, to crimes against humanity, thus firing up Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia. How is that surprising?

Is it at all surprising that al Qaeda would like nothing better than hitting us on our own soil? Given how little the Bush administration has done to prevent it, it is not going to be surprising when it happens, especially given the obvious desperation of some people who have already shown their love of chaos and their ability to use chaos for their own political and financial gains.

What Bush and Cheney need to understand is that is we get hit again, they had damned well better run for their sorry lives, because we will know who is to blame.

Just In Time

A. Alexander, July 18th, 2007

Just in time.

Just as the old White House narrative claiming that they had al Qaeda on the ropes had outlived its political usefulness, the administration released a report claiming bin-Laden's boys were growing more powerful and on the verge of another attack inside the U.S. The sudden flip-flop was to be expected. After all, Mister Bush and Cheney abandoned the fight against al Qaeda so that they could capture Iraq's oil. Most importantly, however, the administration needed to change the narrative in order to try and scare people into continuing to support the Iraq War.

And, what's the chance? Just as the Senate prepared to pull an all-night debate over the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, on that very day, Mister Bush's boys released their selective al Qaeda intelligence report that absurdly claimed the tiny and only indirectly related group of terrorists in Iraq, were making ready to attack the United States. Perhaps, the 160,000 American troops, ducks sitting upon the pond, don't pose a large enough target to keep the "terrorists" busy? We are to believe now, that they will be rowing a boat to America.

It is almost as though the administration is rewriting an old Rumsfeld script. Instead of, "you have to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want"; they've changed it to, "if you can't force the people to support your war on the boogeyman you have, create the boogey man you wish you had."

Nobody should be surprised that al Qaeda has reformed and regrouped. Mister Bush's foolish war in Iraq has after all, given bin-Laden and his boys all the room and time they needed to put it all back together. The irony is that Mister Bush, the self-ordained terror fighting master, is practically bragging about how badly he has failed in keeping the American people safe from terrorism, so that he can use that fact to try and scare the people into supporting his failed war in Iraq.

In the end, in no uncertain terms, that is exactly what the administration's latest intelligence report concluded: Team Bush and Cheney have failed in the fight against terrorism and now, the terrorists are bigger and stronger than ever ... and they're coming to America. It's either that, or someone is hoping to scare the American people into supporting their failed and lost war in Iraq.

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