Saturday, July 21, 2007

More On Executive Order 51

It's a little like Area 51, from what I can tell.

Scary crap happenin'; nobody is sure just what.

Whatever it is, it cannot be good, as nothing good has ever come out of this administration for the vast majority of us.

Heads up, America!

by Virginia Simson

The ACLU is combing through Bush's most recent Executive Order and some of us are scratching our head and letting our imaginations run wild ...

As announced on Fox News ..

HUME: The Bush administration today announced a new tool in its effort to bring stability to Iraq. President Bush issued an Executive Order that will allow the administration to freeze bank accounts and other financial assets belonging to people or groups that undermine progress, such as reconstruction efforts and political reform in Iraq..

As we know, there are plenty of provisions covering money being sent via "terrrorist cells" dating WAY Back. And needless to say there are plenty of people (moi) who wonder at the scratchy legal pantsuits' put out by Bush, but certain of us are wondering . what does this MEAN? Are we to assume the worst . that we can now have all our ca$h seized by the US Treasury therefore breaking the 5th Amendment OR is this just another attempt to make us anxious and nervous ..?

... nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Quite rightly the flak is flying .. the comments section on tpmuckracker are riveting, and I invite the reader to visit them. Speculation is raised that this is a way at getting at Hilary Clinton, that it is a way to get to Dennis Kucinich, that this is a way to stop every single anti-Iraq protestor. Of course, the ever word twisting US Administration says it is "just filling in the financial cracks ..."

As reported by Sorcha Faal, a known unreliable news source, this is the death knell of liberty. One email I received says that this is creeping fascism. I just don't know, but my distrust is so high after seven years of Orwellian doubletalk; illegal, now legal wiretaps: White House Protocol on handling demonstrators; impeachment proceedings on tap . that I am certainly very CONcerned ...

How about YOU? Perhaps a call to the ACLU is in order, eh?

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