Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Liberals More Dangerous Than Terrorists?

It's been apparent to us for years that so-called "libruls" are the greatest enemy of most Republicans, all neocons and, certainly, to the Bushites, according to them.

If the Bushites had gone after Osama bin Laden the way they went after John Kerry, bin Laden would have been in prison by now, instead of dead which is what he is, even though no one will admit it. Junior and Osama have always needed each other. Neither of them need or want "libruls." They both have nothing but contempt for liberals/progressives, and for many of the same reasons.

I, frankly, find it an honor to be called an enemy of the Neocons, as well as al Qaeda or any other terrorist group. They are the enemies of America.

Why Liberals are More Dangerous than Terrorists

by John R Moffett

Think about it. Terrorists are an absolute necessity for furthering the Bush regime’s plans. Without terrorists, they could not justify Afghanistan, Iraq, torture, illegal spying on US citizens, stripping away habeus corpus rights, Guantanamo, outing Valerie Plame, or any of the other debacles they have foisted upon America and the world.

There is only one thing standing it their way, preventing them from doing whatever they think will bring them more power and wealth.


In the absence of a functioning media to inform the public, liberals and progressives are the only thing standing in the way of a complete power grab by the neo-cons. This makes them far more dangerous than terrorists.

Indeed, the terrorists are a necessary part of their plans, so terrorists must not be brought to justice (think Osama Bin Forgotten).

Further, liberals threaten to bring back fiscal responsibility, including higher taxes on the wealthy, which is akin to a “war on wealth”, according to Kudlow the Crackpot on CNBC.

Liberals threaten their plans to dismantle government, deregulate business, wage endless and highly profitable wars, and control the strings of power in perpetuity. Terrorists aren’t a threat, they are a critical tool… a prop… a crutch.

Liberals, on the other hand, are the most dangerous thing in the world.


Dr. John Moffett is an active research neuroscientist in the Washington, DC area, who has published articles on the nervous and immune systems. Dr. Moffett is also the author and webmaster of the political opinion website www.Factinista.org.

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