Monday, April 10, 2006

A basic history of Zionism and its relation to Judaism

A basic history of Zionism and its relation to Judaism:

"04/10/06 'ICH' -- -- I would like to start with a quotation by Amira Hass, a very courageous Israeli journalist who lives in Ramallah. She writes for the most respected though by no means left-wing daily 'Ha'aretz' (Il Ard in Arabic, one of many examples of the great similarity of the Arabic and Hebrew languages; both derived from an ancient form of Aramaic). Although threatened several times with sacking, as well as with numerous death threats, she carries on.

Hass ends one of her recent articles with this question: is transfer an inseparable part of the founding ideology of the state of Israel, or a twisted mutation, which should not be allowed to rise up against its creator?

Whereas the increasing number of refuseniks and Israeli peace activists believes the latter (and I respect their sentiments), I, like Hass, do not share them; my belief is that the state of Israel was bound to end up with what we have today.

In order to understand the circumstances that led to the birth of Zionism I shall sketch an outline of the history of Judaism and the Jews."

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