Thursday, June 22, 2006

How a Coalition of Bloggers is Turning the Democratic Donkey

We shall see.

So far, not one blogger-backed candidate has won an election.

2006 will tell the tale, providing election theft is not the deciding factor, again!

How a Coalition of Bloggers is Turning the Democratic Donkey:

Veteran politicians under threat from 'netroots' uprising that bypasses corporate kingmakers

by Julian Borger

Joe Lieberman has a fight on his hands. Until very recently, the three-term Democratic senator and former presidential candidate was cruising to re-election in Connecticut, his home state. But the 64-year-old grandee now finds himself in sudden danger of falling victim to a new political life form: the internet candidate.

Ned Lamont, a cable television entrepreneur, has come from nowhere to pose a serious threat, with the help of internet fundraising and anti-war bloggers outraged at Mr Lieberman's gung-ho support for the Iraq invasion." (Link Above)

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