Saturday, June 24, 2006

Say Goodbye to Bolton

Can't wait!
I am sure the U.N. can't wait, either.

Hell, New York will probably smell; sweet, like after a spring rain, once that piece of NeoCon garbage scows on out of town.

Say Goodbye to Bolton:

"It is almost a year since the Bush Administration sent John Bolton to the United Nations. In some ways, it is a foreign policy achievement of a high order to appoint someone who has so successfully poked his thumb up the nostrils of almost 190 other countries simultaneously. However, it is a dubious achievement.

As Bolton mouthed indignation at Mark Malloch Brown's recent, almost grovellingly polite exhortations to Washington to show proper leadership at the UN, he compounded the immense damage he has already done to American diplomacy.
In fact, as Malloch Brown noted, albeit more politely, successive US administrations have long used the United Nations and tossed it aside after achieving their satisfaction. The difference is that Bill Clinton sweet-talked as he did it, while this administration is much more into rough wooing, berating and belittling the organization before and after its perfunctory consummations. " (Read On ^)

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