Sunday, December 17, 2006

Colin Powell takes on St. McCain’s “troop surge”–”The army is broken.”

Yeah, where, exactly are thr troops coming fom. I guess they could take all the inmates out of mental hospitals and send them, except Reagan closed most state institutions.

Ah, yes, the prisons. We will just send all our prisoners over there. It's win/win. We won't have to pay the prisoner $47,000/year, as we now have to pay, on average, to keep people locked up.

This started out to be a funny thought. But, with Bush and Cheney in the White House....well, this really could happen. What's worse, is that at least 30 of our slack-jawed, dipwad copuntrymen and women would wave the flag and belt out a few Hoowahs or other animal mating sounds.

Crooks and Liars » Colin Powell takes on St. McCain’s “troop surge”–”The army is broken.”: (see the video)

Colin Powell has a lot of problems with the McCain/Lieberman plan. Powell explains that the 'last surge' we had was a complete failure, so he's not persuaded a 'surge' is going to work without some kind of mission. I beg to differ. No matter what their mission is—it won't make a bit of difference.

Where are we going to get the troops that McCain/Lieberman want anyway

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