Saturday, December 23, 2006

US tests call-up system but denies return to conscription

Canada is nice in Winter. It's such a huge place. Lots of room to disappear.....

US tests call-up system but denies return to conscription Iraq Guardian Unlimited:

The Bush administration is planning a test run of America's emergency military call-up, stoking speculation about a return to a draft at a time when the White House is considering sending more troops to Iraq.

The secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, provided further evidence that the administration was leaning towards sending more troops to Iraq, acknowledging the high financial and human toll of the war so far, and indicating there would be further costs to bear.

'A lot has been sacrificed for Iraq, a lot has been invested in Iraq,' she told the Associated Press on Thursday. 'But the president wouldn't ask for the continued sacrifice, the continued investment if he did not believe, and in fact I believe as well, that we can in fact succeed and in fact that it's imperative we succeed.'

As Ms Rice spoke, the Selective Service System, the government agency charged with providing troops to the military in an emergency, said it was preparing its first readiness exercise since 1998.

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