Thursday, January 25, 2007

Senator Hagel: If He Declares Independence He Will Change The World

Hagel is definitely one of the good guys.

Don't agree with his votes on domestic policies, but he is a genuine hero when it comes to foreign policy and the criminals in the White House.

Senator Hagel: If He Declares Independence He Will Change The World.:

At a time of crisis for America, carnage and chaos throughout the Middle East, renewed danger of East-West conflict, the possiblity of the nuclear arms race rearing its head again, and our country hungering for unity but divided against itself, Senator Hagel Has a historic opportunity that comes once in a generation.

When he said that the Republican Party he voted for during he heroic service in the Mekong Delta is not the Republican Party that exists today, his words were true, and potentially profound.

The Republican Party today is no longer the Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosvelt and Dwight Eisenhower. Under George Bush the United States is no longer the leader of the free world. We are feared by our friends as well as our enemies.

When Senator Hagel joined with Democrats and sponsored the Iraq resolution, and was the only Republican to vote with them in the Foreign Relations Committee, it was a major moment.

When he pointed to the Democrats, then the Republicans, and said the President has no plan, and the Senate damn well better know the plan before sending the troops, it was a true and magic moment in the Senate.

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