Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why Bush is no Lyndon Johnson

One difference is, Johnson knew when to go home.

(LBJ wasn't a total murderous idiot, either, but that isn't what our point here.)

Bush doesn't seem to know that the time to go home is yesterday. He should resign, but he won't.

Maybe, it is just as well.

Could be that a constitutional crisis is just what we need in order to deal with the on-going national crisis, called the Bush administration, and their enablers in the GOP and in the corporate news media.

Why Bush is no Lyndon Johnson - Tom Curry -

WASHINGTON - The parallel seems irresistible: two presidents, two Texans, each caught in an unpopular war, hobbled in their last two years in the White House, with prospects getting dimmer for persuading Congress to enact their domestic agenda.

When President Lyndon Johnson, mired in the Vietnam War, went before Congress on Jan. 10, 1967, he stood at the same point in his presidency that George Bush stood on Tuesday night: two years to go before the end.

Last week presidential historian Robert Dallek drew the LBJ-Bush parallel, writing that “the two presidents' wartime predicaments represent a strange convergence of two men with vastly different backgrounds and political philosophies.

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