Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Al Gore is being savaged, again.

There is little doubt in my mind that Al Gore is probably one of the smartest people ever elected president by the American people. (That's right, elected by the people)

Nevertheless, he shouldn't run. Just look what he has to endure for opening his mouth about two issues, the importance of which is patently obvious to anyone with more than three neurons firing. Al can probably do more good for the country by continuing to do what he is doing.

OK, I admit that Al can be a little annoying, but that isn't really all that important compared to.....say.......the end of the planet as we know it!

Al Gore is SOoo right about the level of discourse in this country. It has sunk to such new lows in the past decade or so, I find it nauseating in it's ramifications for this nation.

The level of appalling ignorance in this country about important issues, like why the hell we are in Iraq, is stunning and a bigger danger to our "freedoms" than anything al Qaeda could ever hope to do.

Cable News is by far the worst offender when it comes to misinforming, dis-informing and half-ass informing the American electorate. Still, they sure did have good company in the run up to mass slaughter and quagmire. WaPo and the NYT are as guilty as anyone else.


An irony about Al Gore’s new book, The Assault on Reason, is that the former Vice President blames TV much more than the print media for America’s drift into the world of the irrational.

Yet, while author Gore has encountered mostly respectful interviews on TV, his book has been savaged by major newspapers and print reviewers, often distorting the contents and resurrecting one of the favorite press themes of Campaign 2000, that Gore is an obnoxious pedant.

Starting the ball rolling was a dismissively brief two-column review in the Washington Post’s Book World on May 27, largely ignoring what the book said while making clear that the Inside-the-Beltway hostility toward Gore endures.

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