Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bush's deluded speech to the world's oppressed.

Every time this man leaves the country, we all hold our collective breath.

WTF is he gonna say this time, to piss off the rest of the world...or piss on it, in our names?

He is a god-damned loon! Cheney is even worse. Will this nightmare ever end?

Bush's deluded speech to the world's oppressed. - By Fred Kaplan - Slate Magazine:

For those who have detected a 'return to realism' in recent American foreign policy, President George W. Bush went to Prague today to say it isn't so.

Speaking at a conference of democratic activists from around the world, Bush renewed his call for 'the end of tyranny,' proclaimed that countries on the 'path to freedom … will find a loyal partner in the United States,' and said to those suffering under tyranny, 'We will never excuse your oppressors, and we will always stand for your freedom.'

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