Saturday, June 09, 2007

Did Junior have a bit too much too drink?

Which would mean any alcohol at all, since he is an alcoholic and the president of the United States.

Why would he drink even one beer openly, where he could be filmed drinkin it? Oh nevermind, why the hell does he do anything?

Was Bush Too Hung Over to Work at G8 Summit?
Posted by Jon Ponder Jun. 8, 2007, 9:31 am

The AP has a story online with the title “Illness Sidelines Bush at G8 Summit,” running alongside a photo of Pres. Bush relaxing yesterday with an amber-colored German beverage.
As is usual with our liberal media, we are left to put two and two together and draw our own conclusions, so here goes:

The president was already dressed when he began feeling ill in the morning, White House counselor Dan Bartlett said. He said doctors are keeping an eye on him but that Bush’s illness — whether a stomach virus, a light touch of food poisoning or something else — is “not serious.”

He stayed in bed to try to rest and recuperate, missing the morning session of the summit being held here of eight industrialized democracies.

Hey, it’s happened to the best of us — except most of us don’t officially claim to have been alcohol-free for the past 20 years old when we are afflicted by a hangover.

At last year’s G8, Bush went on a tear, behaving like he was at a frat party. He was caught on tape talking shit (literally) around a mouthful of food about the Syrians with Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair. He gave the German leader Angela Merkel a bizarre surprise back rub — and he informed the leader of China that he was aware that China and Russia were both big countries.


Video from the Smoking Gun of Bush drunk at a wedding six years after he supposedly quit drinking.

Bush claims that he quit drinking in 1987, on his 40th birthday, after he says he received an ultimatum from his wife, Laura, who told him, It’s Jim Beam or me.” (She has denied saying this.)

But in 1992, six years later, he was caught on tape quite drunk at a wedding. (See sidebar.) And there have been rumors lately that the First Lady has decamped on occasion to local hotels, and that she plans to divorce him after he leaves office. There is speculation that Bush’s return to boozing has driven a wedge between them.

Even if there was video of Bush puking in the bushes in Germany yesterday, the White House would never admit that the president got drunk and then was sidelined from the conference today because he over-indulged. It’s a moot point in any case because even if the media types who cover the president saw evidence that he’d been drinking, they would not dare to ask if it were true.

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