Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dan Bartlett Caught In A Lie:. "No One Ever Said The War Would Result In Cheaper Gas" Prices

Hey, didn't Wolfowitz say that the oil in Iraq would pay for the war and reconstruction, and then some?

The Bushites would not know that truth if it bit them in their collective rather large, over-paid, under-ethical arse!

Think Progress � Dan Bartlett Caught In A Lie: �No One Ever Said The War Would Result In Cheaper Gas Prices�:

"Appearing this afternoon on MSNBC's Hardball, White House Counselor Dan Barlett adamantly denied that anyone in the administration claimed that the Iraq war would lead to lower gas prices. The transcript:

MATTHEWS: [W]e've been struck by higher gas prices. That was another promise made, that this war would help us get cheaper gas.
BARTLETT: I don't think...
MATTHEWS: None of these promises come through.
BARTLETT: That's not correct, Chris. The president or no one else ever said that this war was going to result in cheaper gas prices.
MATTHEWS: Ok, so just to make it official, Dan, no one in the administration has ever said that we would have cheaper gas because of war in Iraq, just to make it official?
BARTLETT: I don't recall anybody ever saying that, Chris. "

Well, think again, Dan! (Read entire report ^)

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