Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Memo to Bush - There is No Option in Iraq, It's All Ready a Failure"

You screwed up, Junior. Not the first time, by far.

But by far, the most catastrophic.

The Progressive Daily Beacon: "Memo to Bush - There is No Option in Iraq, It's All Ready a Failure":

"Someone forgot to get the memo to the President. Well, can't hardly fault the administration this time, however, what with all the so-called changes going on -- nothing more really than insiders switching nameplates from one door to the next or, perhaps, Tony Snow moving from the GOP's propaganda wing to the West Wing ... not a long trip -- something was bound to be missed or overlooked. Still, missed memo or not, if the President hasn't figured it out by himself, the man is in a complete state of delusion and denial. Sorry, the topic here is the Iraq War.

Well, more specifically the state of the Iraq War, which is in a general state of complete and utter failure. Yet, Bush seems oblivious. Okay, oblivious probably doesn't fully describe Bush's state of mind -- absolutely and blindly clueless to reality might be a more apt description of the President's present Iraq condition.

Wednesday Bush said, failure in Iraq 'is not an option.' Sorry, not an option? Option assumes there to be some kind of choice in the matter. There are no 'choices' as to whether Iraq is going to be a failure or not be a failure -- it already is a failure!"

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