Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ahmadinejad: Not Hitler After All

See, the thing is, these guys have all lied to us so much, we no longer listen to anything they say, let alone believe it, especially the really 'out-there' BS.

For the most part, we just assume they are lying, until proven otherwise

AlterNet: Ahmadinejad: Not Hitler After All:

"A now discredited article by Iranian-American and neocon chum Amir Taheri that appeared last Friday in the Canadian National Post suggested that new legislation in Iran would require Jews and other religious minorities to wear distinctive color badges. At the article's end appeared this invitation to readers:

'Dangerous Parallel: Is Iran turning into the new Nazi Germany? Share your opinion online at'

The readers who wrote in immediately savaged the article, its author and the National Post's facile, transparent attempt to resurrect the Wermacht. No one took the bait, and the disbelief quickly spread across the internet."

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