Friday, May 26, 2006

Bush and Blair Concede Errors, but Defend War - New York Times

This is absolute B.S.

Never mind that there have been tactcal errors, strategic errors and just about every other kind of error on can think of:


Bush said he regretted using those words - you know, the ones he said on the occassion of 9/11 and when the insurgency was already cranking up in Iraq.

He said that he had been told (by La Bush, apparently) that he needed to be a little more sophisticated in expressing himself, because his words were misnterpreted around the world.

Do you hear the difference in an admission of error and a seeming admission followed by blaming others?

Bush said that he needed to express himself differently because others misunderstood him. (Gotta clean it up for the Texas cow-paddy deprived, I guess)

Bush didn't really admit a mistake, according to this statement. Of course, this is about as close as he is likely to ever come.

Basically Bush said, about Osama bin Laden:
"Wanted Dead or Alive."
He regrets that?

If bin Laden, single-handedly, master-minded the attack of 9/11, I do not consider that statement, coming at the time that it did, just after the attacks, all that un-called for, Texas tackcy, OK, but not all that out-there.

I do not believe his words were misinterpreted by anyone.

Everyone knew exactly what he meant, and the vast majority of Americans agreed with him, and probably quite a few others around the world.

The only problem with that statement, is that it apparently wasn't a true statement of intentions, because Osama bin Laden is freer that we are and our army is bogged down in Iraq, which had and has nothing to do with the people Bush "wanted" dead or alive, almost 5 years later.

Then, there was "Bring 'em on." Yep, those sound bites Bush and Rove love so much do come back again an again to bite one in the ass, especially when one goes of script. (Yeehaw is definitely not a foreign policy)

The families of the men and women serving in our military had a hissy fit, and no one can blame them. What Bush said was stupid, macho, bravado BS like that that usually comes out of the mouths of Chicken Hawks and actors in war movies.

But again, I do not believe that anyone misinterpreted his words, especially the insurgency in Iraq. As I recall, they brought it on, alright, and still are doing so.

The problem was the words, Junior, not other people misinterpreting them.

There were a few you forgot: (Actually, so many that blogger would probably crash if anyone tried to list them all, so here is one):

You are either with us against us.

Those words were not misinterpreted either, by anyone.

So, according to Bush, he needs to be a little more 'nuanced.' Did anyone check on Dick Cheney to see if he had, maybe, stroked out, when he heard Junior say that?.

Does anyone else remember the thrashing John Kerry got, for saying we needed a more nuanced foriegn policy (an understatement, If you ask me), from Junior's Vice?

A little more sophisticated so the dumbasses of the world will understand him, Bush says he needs to be.

No one misunderstood you. Everyone understood you very well, and they do not like you at all, and neither do we.

You seem quite off your trolly to the rest of the world. You seem that way to us as well.

That is what we understand, not from your words, stupid though they maybe, but from your actions.

What you say stopped mattering a long time ago, Junior, because you lied to us all, not once, but repeatedly and about very serious issues. All that matters, is what you do, what you have been doing and not doing, since the day you were appointed by the Supremes.

That is all that matters to us now. La Bush can put tape over your mouth, if she cares to.It won't matter, because those of us who re somehwat conscious and nt lost in the usual American fantasy, LaLa land, do not care much what you say.

Until you start threatening people again, and then we get really upset with you, because we know how you are, you blew up frogs as a kid, just for the 'fun of it', and now you are blowing up people, and you are using our military to do it.

You had better think hard before you try to play anymore violent video games out on the world stage.

Bush and Blair Concede Errors, but Defend War - New York Times:

"For those who trace Mr. Bush's own reluctance to acknowledge errors in Iraq, his statements on Thursday night seemed to mark a crossing of a major threshold. In an interview with The New York Times in August 2004, Mr. Bush said that his biggest mistake in Iraq had been underestimating the speed of initial victory over Mr. Hussein's forces, which allowed Iraqi troops to melt back into the cities and towns. When pressed, he said he could think of no other errors.

Over the winter, as public support for the war eroded, he acknowledged other mistakes; failing to plan sufficiently for the occupation and rebuilding of the country, or to execute the plans that had been made. But he described these as tactical mistakes that had been fixed.

His answer on Thursday evening, though, harked back to the two statements ' 'bring them on' and 'dead or alive' - that his wife, Laura, had been particularly critical about. While he had apologized before for the treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib, his statement on Thursday was his starkest admission to date of the damage that the episode did to the image of the United States. "

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