Thursday, July 13, 2006

CLAIM: GOP Likely to Charge E-Vote Fraud This November; DNC Advised to Wake Up! Quickly!

In a typical Rovian maneuver, seems the GOP is all prepared to cry foul in every close election Dems win in

While the 2004 election theft went virtually ignored by the MSM, if the Rethugs cry foul, that is all we will hear, and every election will have to go to the Supreme Court to be settled. That is Karl Roves way.

The Rethugs have nothing to lose any everything to gain.

The BRAD BLOG : CLAIM: GOP Likely to Charge E-Vote Fraud This November; DNC Advised to Wake Up! Quickly!:

BTCNews' Weldon Berger makes a very astute observation in an article posted Monday suggesting 'Republicans set to cry 'Foul!' in November elections.'

He contends (with a suggested measure of inside skinny) that the GOP will use the evidence and arguments of election integrity advocates, such as yours truly and others, in making their case that Electronic Voting Machine fraud may have occurred in certain close elections this November if needed.

Berger's observations are well supported by both common sense and history of the GOP — who, unlike Dems, have proven themselves more than willing to pull out any and all stops to fight a close election and even go to court to throw out valid votes whenever necessary if that's what they need to do to win. The GOP doesn't have the same fear gene that curses Dems when it comes to standing up and fighting when they feel they've been robbed (or, perhaps more appropriately with the GOP, opportunistically announcing they've been robbed even when they haven't been.)

Berger's column ought to serve as a siren call for the DNC to wake the hell up about what's going on here. Before it's too late. If it isn't already.

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