Thursday, February 15, 2007

Arizona's Republicans: McCain Unstable.

Not shit, Sherlocks.

Has he really gone bonkers, is he being more, who he always has been...what the hell is up with John McCain?

John McCain is the last person on earth we need anywhere near the levers of power. Imagine a very bad combination of Hillary Clinton and George Bush.

Still, I would really be interested to know what particular thing sent him over the edge.

Just as the presidential nomination process begins in earnest, Senator John McCain has suffered a stinging defeat in his home state.

For the Republican media darling declared recently by Chris Matthews to be the one candidate who "deserves the presidency," it was an unlikely loss, and so far it has gone unheralded by the national press corps that McCain once half-jokingly called "my base."

This defeat was the handiwork of his presumed actual political base--a ragtag band of local conservative activists led by a 65-year-old retired IBM middle manager named Rob Haney.

Who is Rob Haney? He is the Republican state committeeman in Arizona's District 11, McCain's home district. In the past, Haney and his fellow committee members would meet from time to time to review their annual budget, vote on bylaws and pass resolutions. If anyone represents Arizona's Republican Party, advancing the causes of faith, family and freedom, it is the folks from District 11. Yet their importance, let alone their existence, seemed to matter little to their state's famous and ambitious senior senator.

All that changed when Haney organized a revolt that hardly needed encouragement. "People would be calling in to [state committee] headquarters every week, absolutely enraged, threatening to leave the party because of some comments McCain made," Haney told me. "The guy has no core, his only principle is winning the presidency. He likes to call his campaign the 'straight talk express.' Well, down here we call it the 'forked tongue express.'" (Read More)

....and the truth shall set us free.

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