Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Richard Cohen - The Explanation Hillary Clinton Owes - washingtonpost.com

I'm not a huge Richard Cohen fan, and his motives for writing this column are probably different from mine in agreeing with him.

Nevertheless, I do believe we are owed an explanation from each candidate; a believable one would be nice.

Maybe we should put them all under oath, right before we put Bush and Cheney under oath.

How could 20 some odd senators have figured out that the whole Iraq thing was a boondoggle, and certainly not in the country's best interests and every last damn one of you were either fooled right out of your socks or voted for a war, you were pretty damn sure was bullshit, for political reasons.

Tell the damn truth!!!

Richard Cohen - The Explanation Hillary Clinton Owes - washingtonpost.com:

Yet another man has betrayed Hillary Clinton. This time it's George W. Bush, who not only deceived her about weapons of mass destruction but, when granted congressional authorization to go to war in Iraq, actually did so. This, apparently, came as a surprise to her, although in every hamlet and village in America, every resident who could either read or watch Fox News knew that Bush was going to take the country to war. Among other things, troops were already being dispatched.

Somehow, Bush's intentions were lost on Clinton, who then as now was a member of the United States Senate. This was the case even though she now rightly calls Bush's desire to topple Saddam Hussein an 'obsession.'

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