Monday, February 12, 2007

Treasonous Novakula Takes The Stand

Let's not forget that it was a leak from Rove to Novak that got Rove fired by Poppy Bush.

Which is one reason why I doubt that Armitage was the original source, not unless he was set up to be.

UPDATES: Novak Takes the Stand As Libby Trial Resumes:

"Then Robert Novak took the stand just after lunch. He named Karl Rove and Richard Armitage as the two sources for his famous 'outing' column.

Novak said Armitage, a key State Dept. official, was his primary source and Rove only a 'confirming' source. On July 8, 2003, Armitage referred to former Ambassador Joe Wilson's wife as 'Valerie' and Novak then looked up his name in Who's Who to determine that he last name seemed to be Plame.

He also said that he had no idea she was covert and called her an 'operative' in his column probably because he was so used to using that term in relation to 'political operatives.' He talked to Libby around the same day and Libby did not mention Plame, Novak said.

The defense asked when he finished the Plame column and Novak answered around noon on July 11, 2003. He was then asked how quickly it is sent out by his syndicate and he said, pretty much right away. The defense is clearly suggesting that it could have been published or at least seen by someone before its July 14, 2003, publication date.

Novak said it was embargoed until the 14th but it's possible someone could have seen it come off the wire in a media office before then.

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