Tuesday, February 13, 2007

BuCheney: A Huge Credibility Problem

Did no one ever tell little Dick and little George about the little boy who cried wolf?

USNews.com: Political Bulletin: Tuesday, February 13, 2007:

Another Blow To Bush's Credibility?

Only one day after Administration officials briefed reporters on what they claimed was 'evidence' of Iran's involvement with the Iraqi insurgency, the story may be turning into a PR nightmare for the Bush team. Today's Washington Post reports Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace, during a visit to Australia, appeared to cast doubt on the Administration's message, telling the Voice of America that while 'Iranians are involved, and it's clear that materials from Iran are involved,' he 'would not say...that the Iranian government clearly knows or is complicit.' McClatchy says that 'neither the White House nor the Pentagon responded to requests for an explanation of the apparent contradiction between the nation's highest-ranking military officer and his subordinates in Baghdad.' Moreover, Pace's comment 'could make it harder for the Bush administration, its credibility about Iran questioned because of its false pre-war claims about Saddam Hussein, to make its case that Iranian meddling in Iraq is fueling sectarian violence and causing US casualties.

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