Friday, April 28, 2006

Bush ... OPEC: A MUST READ!!!

Reader Contribution: Pringle: Bush ... OPEC:

"While on the campaign trail in 2000, Bush told President Bill Clinton how to handle OPEC, in public no less. 'What I think the president ought to do,' he said, 'is he ought to get on the phone with the OPEC cartel and say we expect you to open your spigots.'

And in a brilliant, highly educational follow-up comment, Bush informed the audience: 'One reason why the price is so high is because the price of crude oil has been driven up.'
'OPEC has gotten its supply act together,' Bush advised listeners, 'and it's driving the price, like it did in the past.'
'And,' he said in direct advice to Clinton, 'the president of the United States must jawbone OPEC members to lower the prices.'

Apparently, Bush has lost the phone numbers for OPEC members, or they are refusing to take his calls, because I think it's safe to assume that he did not 'jawbone' members of the OPEC cartel."

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