Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fundamentalism; the enemy of the sane world

Every Best Gift:

"Every Best Gift, an original and meticulously researched work, systematically dismantles the entire theological apparatus upon which the Christian churches rely to maintain their authority over the hearts and minds of the faithful.
It arms the intellectually curious with the knowledge essential to stand against the emerging 'theocratic age'. If unchallenged at its source, this new tyranny will eventually swallow up our hard-fought and hard-won democracies.

The work, in the guise of literary fiction, demonstrates conclusively that the major doctrines of 'Trinity', 'Divinity' and 'Virginity' did not originate from New Testament writings but arose in subsequent centuries through various combinations of ignorance, credulity...and in some cases deception!
The doctrine of the 'virgin birth' of Jesus of Nazareth was first promulgated by early Christian Church fathers to conceal what the New Testament writers stated quite plainly - that Jesus was born out of wedlock! The 'divinity' doctrines were introduced to bolster this foray into deception. What the Christian churches now preach is the proverbial 'tangled web'.
Unfortunately for Islam, the writer of the Koran adopted one of these false doctrines for his own. It occupies a central dogmatic role in Islam and is referred to, directly or indirectly, no less than thirty-four times and even has its own Sura (Chapter of Koran).

The Christian churches and Islam are now in an untenable and indefensible position.

It is a story of, and for, the ages yet unfolds across contemporary landscapes and in the minds of characters we all recognize. Forensic science, international intrigue, romance, betrayal, and the ultimate in conspiracy theories are all devices employed to engage the reader's attention from beginning to end .

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