Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gallup: Americans Feel We Are 'Worse Off' Because of Iraq War

Bad News For the Bushites:

To Rethugs in Congress: Debate this, you assholes.

Gallup: Americans Feel We Are 'Worse Off' Because of Iraq War:

"NEW YORK While most public opinion polls this week show a slight bounce in President Bush's approval ratings, the most recent Gallup Poll, taken June 9 to 11, reveals that Americans continue to have a negative view of what the war has really accomplished for Americans.

Gallup asked Americans if the war in Iraq had made things better off, the same, or worse off for six entities: the American people, the Iraqi people, the strength and preparedness of the U.S. military, the war on terrorism, the prospects for democracy in the Middle East, and the image of the United States around the world.

The result for that final category was the most clearcut: 6 in 10 Americans said the image of the U.S. was 'worse off,' with only 11% saying 'better off.' "

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