Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Death of the Conservative Conscience"

Prison, and perhaps worse, awaits these criminals, if we have anything to say about it, and we will!

The Progressive Daily Beacon: "The Death of the Conservative Conscience":

My anger and distress about Iraq is greater than ever these days because instead of putting the blame for the ugly mess on the White House, where it belongs, the GOP is desperately trying to make it seem as if the Democrats are somehow wrong to bemoan the Iraq fiasco. The GOP is afraid of being destroyed in November and is therefore churning out almost daily lies and exaggerations in a desperate attempt to turn the tide that is clearly rising against them.

What truly bothers me, besides the barrage of falsehoods from the administration, is that Conservatives, who used to pride themselves on their morality, are allowing Bush to walk away from the Iraq mess that he created, are continuing to mouth imbecile platitudes about Iraq's eventual salvation, and are not demanding any accountability from this President.

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