Monday, September 11, 2006

Losing the War on Terror

There is no "war on terror." When will people, including the media, realize this simple fact.

In the fisrt place you cannot fight a war against an extreme emotional state, "terror." War is terror.

Can't fight against terrorism, either, as terrosism is a tactic.

If Bush had wanted to get the people responsible for 9/11, why did we not stay in Afghanistan long enough to get the job done.

What the hell are we doing bbogged down in Iraq, where even top generals now say we have lost; there are no political or military solutions?

This is by far the most disasterous administration in the history of this country. What's worse, is that the Republican-controlled congress (both bodies) have sat on their butts and done nothing to stop this horror.

Losing the War on Terror:

LAHORE, Pakistan -- In the five years since Sept. 11, the tactics and strategy of Islamic extremists fighting U.S. or NATO forces have improved dramatically. To a degree they could not approach five years ago, the extremists are successfully facing off against the overwhelming technological apparatus that modern armies can bring to bear against guerrillas. Islamic extremists are winning the war by not losing, and they are steadily expanding to create new battlefronts.

Imagine an Arab guerrilla army that is never seen by Israeli forces, never publicly celebrates victories or mourns defeats, and merges so successfully into the local population that Western TV networks can't interview its commanders or fighters. Such was the achievement of Hezbollah's 33-day war against Israeli troops, who admitted that they rarely saw the enemy until they were shot at.

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