Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lawless 'Compromises'

I still say that every speech, by the administrations's leading spewers of crappolla, Bush, Cheney, Rummy and, to a lesser degreee, Rice, has been filled with thinly veiled threats.

Lawless 'Compromises':

George W. Bush's decision to move Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and thirteen other 'high value' Al Qaeda captives from secret CIA prisons to Guantanamo was treated by much of the press as an abrupt change of course. Big news! The President acknowledged CIA prisons that the public has known about for two years! Reality: The President--in the wake of the Supreme Court's Hamdan decision striking down his Administration's post-9/11 military tribunals and faced with the possibility of more lawsuits on behalf of those CIA detainees--is attempting desperate aikido, spinning his eroding legal and political position into yet another assault on the Constitution and civilized values.

Make no mistake: Despite years of rebukes from courts and Congress, Bush remains addicted to a radical vision in which the right to seize and torture abroad and the right to spy on Americans at home are inextricable. In the days surrounding this year's 9/11 anniversary, Bush pulled out all the stops on both the Administration's military commissions bill and its warrantless wiretapping plan, an election-season push that left his Republican allies in knots.

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