Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bush is baaqcking hiself into a hopeless corner.....

...... A corner, he will have to blow himself out of, I am afraid.

Look out Iran!

Bush is very close to the end of his particular tether, from what we hear from a few D.C. insiders and from what we see for ourselves.

'Tis a dangrous time.

Deck the fallout shelters!

"CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- After weeks of deliberation, President Bush is honing in on a national security team meeting at his Texas ranch that will take him a step closer to deciding a new U.S. policy in Iraq.

With each passing day that he gathers advice, Bush is creating more than a new way forward. He's building expectations that will be hard to meet no matter what he unveils.

By the time he announces his Iraq plan in January, roughly two months will have passed since Democrats won control of the House and Senate in the Nov. 7 election that was widely viewed as a referendum on U.S. involvement in Iraq.

Anticipation of Bush's decision is high not just because people are weary of war, but also because of the way Bush has gone about deciding his next move.

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