Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bushites Seem To Have Beaten the Generals into Submission.

Tell you what, Generals, let us all know when you have, finally, had enough, and we will meet you in Washington!

In the meantime, we have plans of our own, so don't take it personally.

Commander Said to Be Open to More Troops - New York Times:

The American military command in Iraq is now willing to back a temporary increase in American troops in Baghdad as part of a broader Iraqi and United States effort to stem the slide toward chaos, senior American officials said Saturday.

President Bush and his advisers were told Saturday of the new position when Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates met with them at Camp David, an administration official said.

Until recently, the top ground commander in Iraq, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., has argued that sending more American forces into Baghdad and Anbar Province, the two most violent regions of Iraq, would increase the Iraqi dependency on Washington, and in the words of one senior official, “make this feel more like an occupation.'

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