Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This is Where Bush Gets Dangerous!

I didn't catch it, but a friend of mine did. She caught few glimpses of our preznit at the Kennedy Honors last evening.

She called this morning to ask if I had seen it, knowing that one of my major, on-going concerns, for the last three years or so, has been what I perceive as the continuing disintegration of Bush's mental status.

She told me that he looked absolutely terrible; bizarre body language, seemingly completely out of touch with the celebrities sitting around him.

So, I guess, he is off to Crawford, now, to ponder the Iraq situation, or so we are told.

God help us!

One Thousand Reasons:

We now have six years of evidence that George Bush is not all there. The occupant of the White House has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary ability to evade reality and a reckless proclivity to steer the nation by a distorted compass made up of cocaine-induced delusions and two decades of insobriety. Add to this mix a little religious fanaticism and a gigantic ego that serves to accentuate an acute case of intellectual dwarfism.

In Bush, we have a man who accepts only the counsel of those that agree with his rudimentary understanding of history. The man is a gambling fool – the kind of loser who doubles up as his political fortunes evaporate.

It seems forgotten that the 9/11 atrocities happened on the president’s watch. Turn back the clock and witness a distraught nation rallying around the president and giving him a carte blanche to react as he saw fit. Recall that virtually every government around the world instinctively embraced America, wished her well, demonstrated solidarity and offered full cooperation in hunting down the terrorists responsible for the carnage.....

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