Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chavez a threat to democracy, US intelligence chief says

We need to start calling people on their use of the term "Democracy," when what they are really talking about is "free markets," (which are never really free) not necessarily free, self-determining people.

It isn't Democracy that leads to a lack of prosperity for the many, but the incredible greed of the few and lust for power in some.

That can be said of any economic system, capitalism or communism.

Unless governments recognize the problem as a problem of human nature, and institute laws which discourage such demons of our nature and encourage our better nature, no economic system will be anything but deeply flawed and bound to fail, taking down, with it, any form of government.

The Raw Story | Chavez a threat to democracy, US intelligence chief says:

Washington- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez exports a form of 'radical populism' throughout Latin America that poses a threat to democracy, the top US intelligence official said Tuesday. John Negroponte, during hearings on his nomination to become deputy secretary of state, warned that frustration in Latin America about the lack of prosperity under democratic governments could further fuel the populism advocated by Chavez.

US-Venezuelan relations have suffered during Chavez's presidency. Chavez has traveled the world lambasting what he considers American imperialism and in September called US President George W Bush 'the devil.'

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